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Orson Scott Card

July 17, 2009

I was not abused as a child, but I’m pretty darn gay.  Half-lesbian on my dad’s side, I like to say.

I don’t wanna talk about Card thinking that homosexuality is generally caused by abuse.  Let’s talk instead about how each book in all of his series is progressively lamer than the one before, with the exception of Alvin Maker, which alternated good book, lame book, good book, lame book until I was too bored to finish it out.  I am, however, going to finish out the Shadow series, but not with purchases, and then I’ll be done with Card forever.  I can no longer separate the man from the work, which is okay, because he’s only hitting the mark with me 1/2 the time.

No, not even Ultimate Iron Man.  I can barely remember the first one as it is, so I’ll just leave it in the past.

In other words, “You and me?  We’re fucking done, professionally.”

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