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The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle Part 6: The world’s shortest party

July 28, 2009

Chapter 6 begins with Stefan as a caller at the Gilbert home, where he’s mooning over ~*Elena*~’s beauty and thinking that although ~*Elena*~ looks exactly like his dead Katherine, they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT because ~*Elena*~’s, like, fierce, you know?  That changes everything!

IDK.  If I dated two people who looked exactly alike, I wouldn’t think they wouldn’t look like because of their personalities, would I?  Then again, it’s not like I’ve gone out and dated identical twins.  In fact, twins freak me out, so that would never happen.  I did date a guy who reminded me of my uncle once, and now every time I see my uncle I think, “Weiiiird.”  And it’s been like five or more years since I’ve even been in the same room with the ex-bf.

Then Stefan thinks that her fierceness makes it really hard to turn her down, makes “their love dangerous.”  He looks for signs of vampirism in her, and tells himself he’ll eat more often, so she’s less of a nommy temptation, with her distracting, naked neck.  Girls these days.

~*Elena*~ asks if he wants to go to the party, and Aunt Judith offers to feed them first, but ~*Elena*~ considerately says they’ll pick up something on the way and goes to change.  For an afterschool perv party with the new teacher.  Oh okay.  Stefan tells her to wear something with a high neck, and she flaunts her vamp-hickey at him, which of course turns him on all over again.

Girls these days.


Speaking of, at the party Caroline’s on a bar stool so everyone can play a little game of The Starlet Just Turned 18.  Bonnie and Meredith and Ed are there–hey Ed!  Nice to see you again–and they keep ~*Elena*~ from feeling terribly ostracized.  You know what, ~*Elena*~?  That’s the feeling everyone else in the school has.  So bummer for you.  Ray is supposedly around somewhere too.  They all discuss how they felt pressured into coming.  So of course no one bothered to say anything to the principal.

Meredith brings the snark when Bonnie moons over Alaric Kreepy Saltzman.  The boys are unimpressed by Alaric’s cheesy attempt to “help” everyone get through “this terrible tragedy” etc.  He wants them to write essays and form a support group.  I can’t see Tyler Smallwood supporting anything but his jock, but that might just be me.

~*Elena*~ realizes that if other classes had been invited, then the whole spontaneous invite thing was a crock.  Stefan points out that Saltzman should’ve known the details of his predecessor’s death upon being hired.  Bonnie defends Alaric and says there was no blood in the body, by the way.  Mary said so.  ~*Elena*~ is understandably twitched out while Bonnie discusses postmortem lividity.  Bonnie!  Come on.  Either she’s a ditz who doesn’t know who Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are, or she isn’t.  Unless she’s just parroting what her sister said, but we don’t get that.  Bonnie is so damn inconsistent sometimes, it drives me nuts.  She almost spills the beans that ~*Elena*~ has previously declared knowledge of the killer’s identity, but ~*Elena*~ shuts her up and goes off to find refreshments.  By herself.  But then she remembers no one likes her anymore, and she decides to own it.  I know I say this rarely, but good for her.  She piles her plate full of food, but it wouldn’t be fiction if she actually got to each much of it, and she finds herself pulling a Lady and the Tramp with…Damon.

Oh hi Damon.

Damon smoothly insists that ~*Elena*~ was, like, choking or something, and Sue Carson’s been macking on this now supposed college student.  ~*Elena*~ decides to play a little verbal game with him, but it’s not her forte (or perhaps not Smith’s–oh, and Damon’s last name is now Smith, which for some reason reminds me of that thing where someone–was it ihatewheat?–joked about Smeyer wanting to marry Edward Cullen).

Stefan shows up in the midst of this and it’s ON.  ~*Elena*~ notes to herself that Stefan is taller, which makes Damon pretty short.  To sum up two entire pages briefly, ~*Elena*~ thinks about what would happen if Stefan attacked his brother in public, with his reputation for being a hothead already, and talks Stefan into leaving.  They briefly run into Alaric, who reminds ~*Elena*~ of a puppy, and tell him that ~*Elena*~ isn’t feeling well.  It’s then that ~*Elena*~ notices a slip of violet paper in her purse that wasn’t there before.  She reads it, freaks, tell Stefan it was nothing, and they leave the house and go out into the rain.

End of chapter.

Next up: What the paper said, and we return to poor Vickie.

I feel like I’m blowing through this book now, even though we’re not even halfway through.  The short chapters are helping.  But I’m going to need another break after this one’s done.  I need to get out of Fells Church for a while…you know, unlike every other character in the book.  How is it that NONE of these characters are doing early admission to college?

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  1. July 29, 2009 1:36 pm

    Lmao this is hilarious. Thank God you’re back!

    • bookslide permalink*
      July 29, 2009 2:01 pm

      All it took was losing an organ…thing.

  2. July 30, 2009 7:14 pm

    It’s a worthless organ though so that’s good. I had mine removed ten years ago. The scar is ugly as hell.

    Get well soon!

    • bookslide permalink*
      July 30, 2009 7:35 pm

      I had laproscopic (sp?) surgery so I think I’ll have three bitty scars? I’ll know more tomorrow at my doc appt.


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