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July 31, 2009

I got a comment to moderate this morning about diaries.

See, usually spam is easy to filter out because it’s full of things like Canadian pharmacy links or fdjhkdfjkfdhahfjkladsheriufdjkhmxmn,,z.  It’s actually rare that it’s porn, although that happens.

But this one I had to read twice.  It was like “Diaries are personal things” etc etc and I’m like “Well, yes” and then it was like “Leather journals are good things to have” and I’m like “Er…wait a second here.”  Then I looked at the email addy and URL attached and realized, “Spam.”

Remember, guys, when you comment here for the first time, it gets moderated (but once you’re approved, you’re approved FOREVER DUN DUN DUNNNN).  Make sure you say something more than “Great blog!” to get through the moderation process.  Even if it’s “Great blog; I ship Elena/Bonnie.”  (EWWWWW.)

No recap today; I’m off to the doctor’s to get my post-surgery check-up.  FUN.

Edited to add: Oh right, and Curse of the Recap: Sarah’s not doing well now either, and has a doc appointment today as well.  Sorry about the delay on the rest of Zoey Fools Around.

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  1. July 31, 2009 2:13 pm

    I now have the urge to write sleazy slashfic=p

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