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Goodreads: Oops

August 1, 2009

Okay, so I messed up.  I figured if I kept a list of everything I read on Goodreads, I’d…have a list of everything I read on Goodreads.  And I think this is true, in essence: almost everything is there; I’ve been less inclined to forget than I have been with my .txt list and my Livejournal list.  Buuuut I also randomly add other things, so it’s like “Oh hell, this is a mess.”

What I should’ve done from the beginning was tag them using a descriptor with the year in it, which I guess I’ll do today because I appear to have more time on my hands than I originally thought.  Also, because I haven’t read THAT many books this year…have I?

So, we’ll see.

Also, I need to do another recap, because I finally caught up with myself.  I have something to ask you guys–I don’t know if I’m being a total egotistical jerk, but…we’ll discuss it at the end of the next recap.

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