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August 11, 2009

I’m feeling pretty bad about having such a great day when someone I care about isn’t doing well, but…I’m having a great day.  I went to a nearby library to do an interview for a paper I’m writing for my class in Professional and Social Aspects of Something or the Other (INFO 520), and the library was BEAUTIFUL.  The director I spoke to was really nice and he told me about his friend on the Newberry committee and what a jerk a certain overhyped author is.  (I never doubted that for a second; I really don’t like her books.)  AND!  They have a little shop.  I do so love a little shop.

I got myself this.  It’s even cooler-looking in person, AND the price was a little lower in the shop.

ALSO on the take-one-leave-one rack there was a copy of one of the Harlequins I wanted for my future recapping project!  I have been reading it on and off today and God, it’s bad.  I mean, really bad.  I mean, the first 20 pages are so painful.

I can’t wait to recap it. 😀

So I’ve got papers to write and Sarah to worry about, but…it’s been a good day to be a book girl.

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