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October 6, 2009

You know, I get this whole concept of the ’80s mom, writing romances to help pay the bills and for her own satisfaction.  And I get that not everyone wants to write about what they know, that sometimes you want to write about someplace else.  But choosing a city at what feels like random, and doing no research on the place, so that it may as well be Cleveland as San Francisco, really bothers me.  I know it’s a cliche, and it’s probably not even half-accurate, but when I imagine the more homebound of the Harlequin readership of a few decades ago, I would think they’d want to know SOMETHING about the city in which the book takes place.  They want to be transported.  I know I did, when I read these books the first time.  There may not be flat-out inaccuracies in this book, but there’s nothing AUTHENTIC either.  And that bugs me, especially since the setting is Philadelphia, MY city–or at least the one closest to me.

But this should really be stuff I complain about when I recap this book.  I just needed to get that little bit out now.

I know, I know, The Struggle first.  Let me get caught up with some schoolwork and then I’ll do a recap.  Might be posted tomorrow though, depending on how much gets done.

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