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More on Harlequins

October 21, 2009

So I’m knocking out these Harlequins because they’re supposed to be quick reads for before bed and when I eat–anything to turn off my brain for a little while. Except it’s not working, because they’re ending up slow reads because I’m not enjoying them. The last two, anyway.

Interestingly, they’re both by authors who have written some of my favorite ones, but these, I believe, came later. My questions are: did deadlines make them rush? Did they only have the one good book in them? Do I like them less because they don’t have the nostalgia factor that the older ones do?

Not really questions for now, but things I am thinking of.

I have to write a twelve-page paper this week, among everything else that needs to be done. At least the heat has been fixed in my house, so I’m told. It was pretty bad here for a couple of days.

I wish I could write more about books. Remember the good old days, when I read a dozen books a week and said a little about them all? I suppose I could fit that in now, but for the “read a dozen books” thing. I could go back to the ones I never talked about, but frankly I’ve forgotten so much, and that which really interested me got a Spotlight.

The next book I have to read is My Life in France by Julia Child. It’s a weird pick for me, I know. It’s non-fiction, which I tend to avoid, and it’s about food, and I’m vegan and my stomach went haywire yesterday just standing in the same room with sausage pizza. So I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about things that will make me uncomfortable. However, the assignment–OF COURSE this is for an assignment–was to choose a book out of our usual genres. Could I have gotten any more out of my comfort zone? I THINK NOT.

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