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The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle Part 15: When you sulk, you die.

November 3, 2009

Welcome to the blessedly final installment of The Struggle, a book that at times was so bad it made a part of my soul die.

When last we left Our Heroine, yesterday, she’d “triumphed” over her petty, shallow, priority-conflicted nemesis (they’re perfect for each other!) to…uh…not have her boyfriend run out of town by an angry mob.  Oh okay.  I guess that’s a good thing.  Then she had a hissy at her aunt/Damon because they don’t support her relationship with Stefan.  (I sort of want to say “Stefan” the way my boyfriend says “Angel,” all drawn out and eye-roll-y and kind of sarcastically nasal.)

~*Elena*~ is under the impression that Damon is using Aunt Judith as his mojo sock puppet.

Here’s the thing: he could be.  Or maybe he isn’t.  It never occurred to me when I was younger to doubt ~*Elena*~; now it’s all I do.  But the thing is, instead of being reasonable, ~*Elena*~ once again flips out.  Now, we’re at the point where she’s been highly emotional for days, she’s been deluding herself, she’s been ridiculous.  And also she’s probably in the process of dying before (spoiler) the car hits the water.  However, I think it’s hard to know anything for sure at this point.  Is that bad writing?  Is it depth?  It is assuming intelligence on the part of the reader?  Is it purposeful confusion?  I know I’M confused.  But at the point where ~*Elena*~ makes a scene, she could be as ill as Poppy.  It’s only that it’s clear when it happens to Poppy.  It is not so clear here.

So Aunt Judith is vocalizing what are probably valid concerns but ~*Elena*~ believes that Damon is controlling her.  I guess it makes sense; it’s not like Aunt Judith talks this much usually.  But yeah, VALID: ~*Elena*~ is secretive, rude (in Judith’s eyes, without reason BECAUSE ~*ELENA*~ HASN’T TOLD HER ANYTHING), and yeah, maybe poorly influenced by her new boyfriend, who really is still QUITE new at this point.  ~*Elena*~ upsets Judith, which upsets Robert (also, he’s got Margaret with him, so ~*Elena*~ is pulling this crap in front of a four-year-old), which leads to a good old-fashion screamfest that culminates in “You’re not my mommy!”  Actually, that comes after “WE’RE ENGAGED EVEN THOUGH I’M SIXTEEN.”  So, like, Judith is RIGHT IN ALL WAYS.  Man, I hate ~*Elena*~.

She declares her desire to get to the boarding house to be with her ~*fiance*~ and storms off, to…oh, right, the only person in Fells Church with a car, albeit a jalopy: DoorMatt.  ~*Elena*~ alternately asks nicely and tells him what to do, as is her way.  “She almost snatched the keys out of his hand.”  OH ~*ELENA*~.  And oh, Matt, for being such a nice person who’s going to feel such guilt soon.

~*Elena*~ drives down the road, thinking about her and Stefan eloping.  How are they going to do this, exactly?  If the officiant is mojoed, is the marriage legal?  “They would show everyone.  She would never set foot in Fell’s Church again.”  But, ~*Elena*~, are there any other towns but Fell’s Church?  I assume when you get very far, everything disappears like in a cartoon and you’ll be surrounded by whiteness.

“She certainly didn’t need stupid old Robert E. Lee, where you could go from being mega-popular to a social pariah in one day just for loving the wrong person.”

Two things here.

1) Who fucking cares?

2) ONE day, ~*Elena*~?  ONE day?  I don’t think so.

But she does calm down, and admits that Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt don’t suck.  Well, maybe not Matt.  Well, maybe Matt.  She giggles–oookayyyy–over the idea of borrowing Matt’s car.  Her and Stefan both.  OMG ~*Elena*~ that is such a LOL!  Except…uh…I think you might be hysterical.

She thinks that she should be celebrating her “victory” over Caroline (SIGH) but instead she’s crying, and that’s sucky.  She does hope that someone videotaped Caroline’s humiliation at the festival.  Yeah, well, I hope someone videotaped you treating your aunt like shit, ~*Elena*~.  Your aunt who took you in despite being really young and having no experience with kids.

~*Elena*~ realizes that Mrs. Flowers is not home and the door to the boarding house is locked.  She then notices there’s a hell of a storm brewing–a rather unnatural storm, at that.  And on top of that, ~*Elena*~ is getting the supernatural sense that something malevolent is out there.  And it’s after her…

She feels its bloodlust and it’s made of mist and/or wings.  Not black like Damon though; white.  She still calls out to Damon to stop what he’s doing.  She run back to the car for safety but the car begins to rock.  She begins to drive just out of something to do, something active to do.  (I do like that ~*Elena*~ is active SOMETIMES when Bad Shit Happens.)  She thinks she needs to get to Stefan, but then she realizes no, she has to get to the bridge.  If she crosses the bridge, this powerful thing is actually less inclined to get her, because its power strengthens its limitation, as Stefan once told her.

Except, you know, Death is waiting for ~*Elena*~ at the bridge.  But she’s forgotten that.

So anyway, car goes off the side and she drowns.


Bonnie and Meredith find Stefan, who’s being harassed by Tyler and his friends, and Caroline’s bitching about the diary.  Meredith tries to bring attention (and therefore shame) to Caroline, and Bonnie tries to say something but is instead overtaken by her magical psychic abilities and talks about ~*Elena*~ being at the bridge.  They all rush there–wait, Meredith has a car too.  Why can’t anyone just take Meredith’s car anywhere?–and there’s a felled tree that makes them have to walk part of the way and–you know, it doesn’t matter, cuz she’s SO dead anyway.  Stefan gets ~*Elena*~’s body from the water and he and Meredith have some sort of shouting match that we don’t get to hear because it’s all through Bonnie’s shocked perspective.  He says he will put ~*Elena*~ under the willow trees, and he tells Bonnie to get Meredith out of there.

End of chapter, but there’s only a few more pages left, so I’m going to keep going.

Stefan kisses ~*Elena*~’s forehead and attacks the FUCK out of Tyler and his friends, in a super-vampy drink-their-blood sort of a way.  FINALLY.  He’s gaining Power so that he might be able to take on Damon.  He’s going to attack Caroline too, but we all know she isn’t worth.  He filled up on jock appetizers anyway.

This power gives him the ability to turn into a falcon, and he goes after Damon, clawing him.  They fight and talk telepathetically the whole time.  Damon’s all “WAIT WHO DID I KILL THIS TIME?” and Stefan’s like “ELENA.”

Who, by the way, is waking up under the willow trees.  She smells a squirrel, which is weird cuz THAT’s never happened before, and she knows she’s gotta find her man.

For some reason, her man has black eyes, not green.

~*Elena*~ steps into the midst of their conflict, and the book ends.


I don’t even have anything to wrap up here.  Ending on a cliffhanger kind of does that.  This was a difficult book to get through.  I actually hated it more when I reread it than when I reread it AGAIN to recap it, so that’s…something?  I still hate Damon half the time.  That’s annoying.  Finishing up doesn’t make me want to keep going, though; it makes me happy I’m taking a break.

Not sure how long the break is going to be, but I’ll be recapping Night World in the meantime, if Liss and I can get it together.  (And I’m sure we can, cuz we’re awesome.)  The other thing I wanted to say is that I’m not going to be posting links to future Vampire Diaries recaps in the usual places.  It’s not that it’s a HUGE deal, but I feel that by now people have had the chance to decide whether they want to read me.  If so, they can add the blog somewhere, bookmarks or Bloglines (I LOVE Bloglines and highly recommend it) or whatever.  I’ll let the usual places know when I’m starting the third book, but you won’t have 14-16 individual links anymore.

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Hope to hear from you in the comments, and we’ll be seeing Stefan and Damon and ~*Elena*~ and the rest soon.

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