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November 7, 2009

This morning I woke and thought, “Oh, busy day, I guess I should get my NaBlo post done early” (well, in truth, this morning I woke up and thought, “I could fall back asleep,” then there was a competition to see who could push whom off the bed, with the loser having to go get the laptops, which is when I ACTUALLY thought this–and it’s not REALLY losing if you fall off the bed first but you take your opponent with you, right?) and then I thought, “I have nothing to say.”

Really.  I’m so, so very slowly getting through the book I’m reading because I’ve been spending more time writing and doing schoolwork this week, and also the bf’s been off for the NJEA convention, so I feel…like I have not much to say.  Except then I realized that’s how I felt yesterday about NaNo.

Yes, just one day after I posted about my NaNoWriMo excitement, I hit a wall.  I hadn’t exactly written myself into a corner so much as I didn’t know where I was going, so what do I do?  All the energy drained out of me–not even DRAINED, more like when Alex Mack would turn into a puddle and everything would go SPLOOSH downward.  I started to feel that sort of emotionless shell that you know is hiding all the real emotions underneath–disappointment, maybe, and fear–and then the boyfriend stepped in like a goddamn superhero and listened to me babble about my story and then said the one thing that made everything better.

“You could change perspective–write from [the other character]’s point of view.”

GENIUS!  I immediately started turning stuff over in my head and getting excited about writing again.  Then I finished where I was with my main character and switched over to knock out another 600 or 700 words.

Then we had stuff to do, and then I fell asleep watching a movie, and okay, now I’m behind a couple hundred words from where I wanted to be (I want to keep up with the little statistics bar) BUT!  I’m BACK!  All in, like, the course of a day.

That’s pretty neat.  And I think there’s a lesson in it: just because there’s a bit of a stumbling block, that doesn’t mean you should give up.  Sure, it’s “only” writing, but look at how simply things were resolved!  He only really needed to say two words –“change perspective”–and everything rocked again!  I was happy again!

So if anyone else is hitting an end-of-the-week block, change perspective.  Maybe not literally, but somehow.  Write the end instead of the beginning?  Jump to the middle.  Write a sex scene, for those inclined.  (I find them ridiculously easy, for some reason, probably because I don’t hit a lot of detail so I don’t have to worry about cliches.)  Do some backstory, go back to your prewriting, or fill in some sort of writing tool, like a plot diagram or a conflict box.  If you have an outline, go in and fill in some details.  None of these tricks are tried and true–all I can say is “Change perspective” worked for me–but do ANYTHING and see where it takes you.  Remember that the number of words isn’t the full goal; if you’re down a few hundred from the little bar graph, you can make it up when you’ve found your spark again.  But give yourself a chance to look for that spark.  Sometimes you’ve dropped it right by your foot–it hasn’t gone far, but you haven’t looked in the right direction yet.  START LOOKING.

Man, I’m cheesy.

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