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Future Librarian: Drexel issues

November 12, 2009

There have been two main issues I’ve had with Drexel since I started there in the spring:

1) Advisers

2) Financial aid

Actually, 1 has been more clear-cut than 2, but I feel seriously dicked around by 2.  The first issue, advisers, is that I’ve had THREE since I began at Drexel three terms ago.  That’s one per term.  That’s a little crazy.  However, this one has gotten back to me promptly so…I guess it’s time to stop complaining about that?  Still, it wasn’t the best introduction into the advising process at Drexel.  If I end up with another adviser before my time at Drexel ends (about six months from now), I will probably pitch a royal freakin’ fit.

As for 2, I can’t even tell you.  I have no idea what’s going on, ever.  I appear to have been turned down for my loans outta nowhere, and I don’t even know which term those loans are for–if they’re for this term, I’ve ALREADY gotten money for that, so what the heck?  If they’re for NEXT term, well…wait, what?  SO CONFUSING.  I know I need to call them, but I swear I’ve spent so much time on hold with everything I just want to sit down and cry.  Not to mention that Drexel doesn’t even have accurate financial aid information on me, which admittedly is my own fault because I don’t have a landline from which to fax this paperwork I need to do to get them the right info, but…uh…yeah, no excuses there.

So I guess I have to make this a priority today and hope that I don’t lose the ability to pay rent anytime soon.  I knew there’d be a time when paying month-to-month rather than having a year-long lease would come in handy!


Okay, I got off the phone with Sallie Mae.  Turns out THERE WERE DUPLICATE APPLICATIONS SENT and…what?  Drexel, maybe you did this, or maybe I did, or maybe Sallie Mae did–BUT SHOULDN’T I KNOW?

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