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November 20, 2009

So last night I was the Best Mom Ever and took my 12-year-old to a double feature of Twilight and New Moon.  Twilight started at nine, and New Moon started at midnight.  We got in at almost 3am, but that kid got up and went to school.  I wish I could say the same thing.  I have been sort of okay all day but now I am drooping.  I almost forgot to make a post today.  That would’ve been embarrassing.

And I would’ve blamed Smeyer.

I actually liked Twilight much more the second time around–which is to say, I didn’t actively dislike it.  I think Stewart & Pattinson are actually incredibly talented people who made something tolerable out of something that could’ve sounded godawful outside the printed page (and sometimes sounds horrible on it).  I am not a Twi-mom; I’m not even a Twi-fan.  (My daughter calls herself a Twi-kid.)  But the movies didn’t bug me any more than the books did; actually, Bella was far less annoying in New Moon than she was in the book.  The book is filler between 1 and 3, but the movie was still watchable.  That says something.

But I don’t really have a ton to say, due to the exhaustion and all.  Except that the kid who plays Jasper is quite the cutie when you ditch the terrible hair.

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