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Just Read It

November 23, 2009

That’s the name of the reading challenge my book community is doing this year.  It’s to clear off our shelves, or get some reading done–whichever.  In my case, I move books from the crates of the unread to the shelves when I’m done, and I’m trying to get the numbers in the crates down significantly.  This NEVER works because I love book sales and book swaps.  However, I set my goal as 30.  It was supposed to be 30 from the crate, but it ended up being about 10 from the crate and 20 purchases over the course of the year.  However, I still have over a month to work down what’s in the crate, and I’ll set a crate-specific goal next year, probably also of 30.

I’ve read over 300 books this year.  The past two years have seen me barely hit my imaginary goal of 400 titles.  Part of that is grad school, of course, and before that, writing thesis papers.  I’m rereading less (but for recapping books and some school titles) but I’m also remembering less because I’m less inclined to rereading.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  When I pick up a book now that I read as a kid, I remember it in huge chunks.  Not so much with the library books I’m taking out now.  I tend to forget them bit by bit.

But really, that’s okay, I suppose.  I don’t think that at 32 I’m suddenly losing my memory.  I’m still enjoying reading, most of the time (The Vampire Diaries excluded).  I’m not, unlike other years, pushing myself to read more more more to the point where my head feels ridiculously full.

Still, I’d like to hit 400.  It’s less than a hundred books to go.  Heh.  I only have to read 16-17 works a week to hit that goal and, depending on what I’m reading, that could be easy.  If only the library had zillions more manga…I would really like to read more than just the first three Hot Gimmicks.  And graphic novels!  I’d like to be caught up with the DCU.  Less so with Marvel, of course.

But then again, I have over 100, maybe over 200, books in the crates, so I could just do that.  Harlequins take about 2 hours to read, tops, unless you’re close reading, and I have piles of them from a friend who didn’t quite understand the whole concept of recapping ones I’d read as a kid–he just sent me ones from the time period when I was reading them.  I’d like to read them–or try to get through some of them–and donate some of them to nursing homes and the like.  I wonder how many of the books downstairs are JUST Harlequins, and how close that would bring me to my goal.  I don’t think there are 84 (well, technically I’d need 82 because I still have at least three books out from the library).  There might be…40?  That’s a dent right there, isn’t it?

But this is just thinking about doing, and that’s no fun.  I’m going to get some breakfast, read one of those library books, and then get as much schoolwork done as possible.  It already feels like a restful week.  Add in the holidays with THREE family dinners to attend and this week may just be heaven.


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