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Hot Toy

December 12, 2009

I love Jenny Crusie but I don’t love “Hot Toy.”  It’s very clever, and I like Trudy, but it’s too short to really get into everything and omg, do I absolutely loathe Trudy’s sister Courtney.

See, I’m not a drinker–never been drunk–but I have been a single parent, and Courtney’s whiny, entitled neediness bugs the crap out of me.  I know we’re supposed to see it through a gin filter, but YOU HAVE A LITTLE KID STANDING RIGHT THERE, SO STOP DRINKING, YOU IDIOT.


Too bad we couldn’t get MORE Trudy, but I guess her story’s been told.

Another 3 months till Wild Ride.  Sigh.  I’ll probably do what I do every Christmas–set aside a bookstore gift card so that I can buy the new Crusie the second it comes out.

That reminds me: I want my copy of Dogs & Goddesses back from my friend.  I bet she hasn’t even read it yet.  TOO BAD.  I’m going to her house Monday and I’m picking it up.  I wanna reread it.

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