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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury Part 0: Looking at the back of the book

December 15, 2009

Hm.  Not crazy about this advertising.  I rarely read the backs and inside flaps of books anymore, but the words “LOVE CAN KILL” caught my eye and I decided to read the whole thing.  After all, sure, love CAN kill, but when the book begins, hasn’t it already?  Sort of?

“Elena: transformed, the golden girl has become what she once feared and desired.”  Wellll…I’m not crazy about the lack of capitalization here, but I’ll let it go.  Did she ever REALLY desire to be a vampire?  I don’t think so.  She just wanted the physical closeness of biting from Stefan.  When she died, she truly believed they were going to run off and get married, like a normal couple.  Even though that made no goddamn sense.  She has the brains of an eggplant.

“Stefan: tormented by losing Elena, he’s determined to end his feud with Damon once and for all–whatever the cost.”  Good so far.  “But slowly he begins to realize that his brother is not his only enemy.”  It’s sort of weird with the whole foreshadowing thing, because up to this point, we’re basically discussing the first page of the book.

“Damon: at last, he possesses Elena.  But will his thirst for revenge against Stefan poison his triumph?  Or can they come together to face one final battle?”  I guess the second chapter will let us know about the first, and we all know the best bad boys fight on the side of good at the end, so…

I love when they advertise the first book on the back of the second AS IF you hadn’t read it.  Actually, not so much on the back this time, but in the front cover.  “DON’T MISS”…well, YEAH.  It’s the wording, you see, not the book being on there.  Because sometimes you pick up a second book and you just need to go “OH, this is number two.  What’s number one called?”  The back says “Look for.”  That works for me.

Speaking of the outside of the book, I hate the Elena on the cover.  She’s so goddamn smug-looking.  I prefer delicate flower Elena from the original covers, especially when her lips were all chapped from DYING IN THE RIVER.  Heh.

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