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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 2: Poor Margaret

December 17, 2009

Too bad that ~*Elena*~ couldn’t be more like Bella Swan.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I hate Bella Swan, but when she became a vampire, she finally stopped being unlikable.  I guess.  It’s not like I’m going to go back and reread to find out for sure, but I’m thinking, yeah, I no longer wanted to smack her.  The same cannot be said for ~*Elena*~ Gilbert, whose turning has not fulfilled all her hopes and dreams and made her strong and not-whiny, but instead has turned her into a moron with Swiss cheese for brains.

The important question here is “Why is she forgetting what she’s forgetting?”  Because, see, we could trash Ms Smith all we want–and we do, occasionally–but the woman has the basics of writing down flat.  (There’s a pun in here about flat characters, but let’s not get sidetracked.)  If ~*Elena*~ is just Swiss cheese-brained for the sake of putting her with Damon just long enough to satisfy her/her audience’s desire to see what that couple WOULD look like, that’s a disappointment.  If she’s saying, “~*Elena*~ would have to be dumb as a pile of rocks to want to be with Damon–see, this is how that would look”?  Ehhhhh.  But we find out in this chapter that it’s not only Stefan who’s missing from ~*Elena*~’s memories.  Let’s delve in and find out what’s going on here, if we can.

The chapter begins with Stefan accusing Damon of deliberately killing ~*Elena*~ to turn her.  Here’s the fascinating thing I never picked up on as a kid: Stefan seems to take ~*Elena*~’s adoration of Damon in stride.  Last chapter, he was upset not that she was protecting Damon from Stefan, but that she was turned at all.  So we’re going to have to assume that Swiss cheese brain and stupidity and blind devotion of the person whose blood changed you is all part of the process.

Damon asks ~*Elena*~ if he killed her.  “Of course not,” she replies, but then again, she has no memory of her own death, so her word can’t really be taken at face value.

Stefan accuses Damon of being a liar, and of never having lied about the things he’s done before.  No, our Damon isn’t quite a braggart in the traditional black hat sense, but he certainly doesn’t hide behind anything.  He admitted to killing Tanner, didn’t he?  Stefan’s obviously confused, because he’s always trusted his brother to tell the truth in his motivations and actions to HIM.  He also once again says that he thinks he should die, but Damon dismisses it, because Stefan calls it a mercy and Damon says that he has no mercy for his brother.  So this might answer my question about why Damon stops ~*Elena*~ from killing Stefan, except he sort of contradicts himself later.  We’ll get to that.

Damon makes ~*Elena*~ recite what happened through the day.  We find at first that her memories include everything BUT Stefan.  Every time she comes to an aspect of her memory that includes her boyfriend, she can’t access it.  She also says that Damon got the diary for her because he loves her.  She asks if he does indeed love her, and Stefan can’t bear to look at the exchange.  Damon does not answer her question.

~*Elena*~ remembers Caroline, Aunt Judith, Matt–and practically licks her vampire lips.  Well, you know.  After you’ve dumped a dude and used the hell out of him, why not suck his blood too?  Again, we’ll get to that.

~*Elena*~ then gets to the point where she got in the car, and says that “something came after me.”  Stefan corrects her to “someone,” meaning Damon, but ~*Elena*~ disagrees.  She then tries to get Damon to kiss her and go away with her.  He neither kisses her nor goes away with her, which is pretty interesting.  I mean, he hates his brother right?  So why not take advantage?  But ~*Elena*~ is acting like a child, sulky and easily bored and distracted.  So I guess I wouldn’t jump right on that either.  Too creepy.  Still…you’d think he’d take the potshot, except Ms Smith likes him too much.

~*Elena*~ remembers the bridge, and the water, but not her death, and makes the childlike logical leap that she must have crossed the bridge “because here I am.”

Smith hammers in the point that ~*Elena*~ is childlike by saying that the brothers “were looking at each other like two adults having a discussion over the head of an uncomprehending child.”  Yeah, thanks for that.  Stefan tells Damon that the car was underwater and that…well, he can’t go on.

Damon gets snarky with him, I’m guessing annoyed at what he sees as Stefan’s weakness, Stefan’s desire to give up at any opportunity.  (I mean, come on now, he really really does.)  Stefan points out that it was logical to believe ~*Elena*~ dead, since HE hadn’t given her enough vampire blood to change her.

Damon then admits to ~*Elena*~’s irrationality–not even discussing her bizarre and sudden attachment to him–and says that she needs human blood, ASAP.  ~*Elena*~ isn’t crazy about being called irrational, telling Damon she’s just tired.  “I was going to sleep when I heard you fighting.”  Would she have died, starved, unable to make the change, if the fighting/bond hadn’t called her?

Stefan takes this opportunity to ask the question we all want the REAL answer to: Why didn’t Damon let ~*Elena*~ kill Stefan?  Come on, that’s irony at its finest!  Also, Stefan says, it would’ve been the easiest thing.  Damon flips on him an says “Maybe I don’t like things easy.”  WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?  But then he calms down and says, you know, if anyone’s going to kill Stefan…

I believed that when I was a kid, but I don’t now.  I think Damon loves the game.  Chase after his brother, disrupt his brother’s life, do something, anything, to keep feeling.  I think Damon is terribly lonely, and as emotionally stunted as his brother, and the two of them have no idea how to stop the cycle.  GOOD THING THEY HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BLONDE GIRL TO TEACH THEM HOW.

Damon asks why wouldn’t he do it before, when he could have at any time, and Stefan mentions their “engagement.”  (Uh…yeah, Stefan?  Can I ask you a question?  I just wanna know–how was that going to go down?)  Damon pfffts and points out that ~*Elena*~’s memory gaps are pretty consistent, but they’ll know for sure after she’s had some nice human blood.  Then she can choose between them.  Stefan has an immediate Katherine freakout, but Damon basically rolls his eyes, pointing out for the 40th time in this series that ~*ELENA*~ IS NOT KATHERINE.  But never mind that, Damon says.  He’s going to take care of ~*Elena*~.  Either Stefan can get on board or not.

Gee, I wonder if Stefan will go along?

We get a paragraph on ~*Elena*~’s heightened senses, but then we get to the bridge.  There are cop cars and ~*Elena*~’s entire family.  ~*Elena*~ recognizes Aunt Judith and her fiance Robert, but she realizes there should be someone with them.  A child.  Yet she cannot remember the child’s name.

What’s going on here?  Why remember Margaret, but not her name?  There has to be something in this, yes?  Her gaps are ONLY her relationship with Stefan and Margaret’s name, but not, say, Stefan’s name or Margaret’s appearance–actually, no, Margaret’s relationship to her as well.  She doesn’t think, “my sister.”  She thinks that there should be a child with Judith and Robert.  So let’s say for the sake of argument that Smith is trying to make the point that ~*Elena*~’s brain is distancing itself from the most important relationships in her human life, as a way to move on to vampirism.  Except that doesn’t make a lot of sense, because the human blood will restore all her memory.  Also, it doesn’t make sense because she ignores the hell out of her little sister, and also because Stefan’s a VAMPIRE so it’s not like she’s gotta leave some human bf.

Really, guys, I’m at a total loss.  Thoughts?

Back at the scene of ~*Elena*~’s death, Bonnie and Meredith are doing their scatterbrained/logical comedy routine about ~*Elena*~’s body’s disappearance.  The cops are, of course, highly interested in Stefan.  Bonnie and Meredith are just superconfused, but probably Meredith less so.  ~*Elena*~ wants to comfort everyone with her not-deadness, but Damon tells her not to.  Instead, she’s to draw someone to them.  She tells him to choose for her (sigh) and Damon thinks maybe the paramedics, but Stefan points out what a really, really bad idea that would be in a town that’s already seen too many attacks.  He also says he has another suggestion, a donor.  He tells Damon to bring ~*Elena*~ to the school.

~*Elena*~ notices the car in the water and thinks, “What a stupid place to park a car.”

Okay Damon, I admit it–I wouldn’t have kissed her either.


We then get the story from Stefan’s perspective.  He’s ceasing the numbness that came over him when he discovered ~*Elena*~’s lifeless body.  He thinks he’s going to puke.  I guess vampires would puke blood in this series, if they ever did anything that was uncool.

He decides that this is Damon’s revenge.  God, I hate how into his own head and his own ideas Stefan gets sometimes.  And, of course, another suicide threat, except it’s emptier than usual, cuz he needs to take care of ~*Elena*~, don’tchaknow.  He briefly stops by the boarding house to clean up enough to be seen, and of course his vampire powers are causing his regeneration process.  Aww, but you’re so much more Cyclops than Wolverine, you dumbass.

He then heads to the Founder’s Day dance, which isn’t very celebratory.  He finds Matt and mojos him out of the building.  Matt’s already heard a rumor that ~*Elena*~’s gone off the bridge and drowned, and Stefan doesn’t disagree.  Matt’s so upset.  Poor Matt.


Fuck you, DoorMatt.  This is why you didn’t get the girl.

Stefan decides against mojoing Matt, because Matt is his bro.  Instead, he’s going to reveal the truth.  “If there were something you could do for Elena right now,” he asks, “would you do it?”

Of course.  Duh.  It’s going to be a while before Matt can move on from being ~*Elena*~’s whipping boy.  Also, he’s crying.  You know, because he’s weak.  And he’s using his SLEEVE.  Stefan would have like a fucking monogrammed hankie.

Stefan tells Matt he has something to show Matt, and the chapter ends.


A lot of questions here, really.  What’s ACTUALLY going on?  What are we supposed to be taking away from this?  My lit major brain isn’t really grasping anything tightly.  Is that because there’s little to grasp?

What do you guys think?

Next up: ~*Elena*~ gets a nice hot (hottish; sort of cute) meal in her, and, I think, comes to her senses.  For whatever that’s worth.

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  1. Rachel permalink
    December 18, 2009 2:19 am

    Well, since you asked, here are my thoughts:

    1) Elena is subconsciously repressing memories about the people she feels most guilty over. She feels guilty getting sucked into (no pun intended) exchanging blood with Damon, so Stefan gets forgotten, and perhaps she also feels guilt over the way she treated Margaret, hence Margaret too is forgotten.

    2) I’m not sure Damon enjoys the game he’s playing with Stefan, exactly. I think he’s sort of stuck, where he can’t move on from his brother, but he can’t kill him either. So he thinks manipulating and hurting Stefan will make himself feel better, only it doesn’t, so he remains stuck……… He flips out when Stefan asks him the question because he simply doesn’t have an answer – or at least not one that he can admit, either to Stefan or to himself.

    You’re right, it’s totally messed up.

    • bookslide permalink*
      December 19, 2009 9:05 am

      1) I guess there’s no way to use Margaret as a guilt test subject later, except maybe in the new books, which I’m not even sure I could bring myself to read.

      2) You’re right. I guess we’re supposed to see it as the last shred of his humanity, the part that’s brought out by Elena. Except it’s laaaame. Dude killed Tanner. It’s like the reader (whose target age is, what, fourteen?) is supposed to give Stefan more worth than Tanner (or any other human being), which I’m not crazy about.

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