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Wait, that was dumb.

December 21, 2009

I had FOUR books out from the library.  And I’ve been trapped under at least 20 inches of snow at the new place, with only the one book I have to read that’s NOT a library book, for the past couple days.

About halfway through Kavalier and Clay now.  Ehhhh.  I thought I’d like it more the second go around because I’m more of a comic book person than I was (well, a reader, anyway) but there’s less comic stuff than I remember.

Otherwise, all recapping books and such aren’t here either.  Borrringggggg, reader-wise.

Boyfriend’s dad is making him bookshelves that will take up an entire wall.  I have a picture from the other day of them as they are right now, nowhere near finished, and I’ll put that up when we get the pics off the camera.  IDK, between him and me (and maybe the kid–not sure if she’ll just have her own in her room, because she has little IKEA bookcase at the end of her bed, and a small one against one wall, and probably a tall one against the other wall when I pick up the screws from the old place) I think we’ll fill the heck out of these suckers.  But I expected to have LESS books as the year goes on, not more, as I read the possibly hundreds that I haven’t touched yet.  I mean, I can’t enjoy ALL of them, right, so I’ll probably end up trading them at a used store, 4 for 1.  Diminished piles.  I can live with that.

What I’m having problems living with is being stuck in this house.  WHO DOESN’T HAVE A SNOW SHOVEL?  I hope we can get out today.  We’re supposed to be moved in two days.

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