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I’m such a book nerd

December 27, 2009

If it hasn’t been totally clear, I moved in with my boyfriend recently.  It was certainly ahead of the schedule we’d planned for ourselves, but it’s still a good thing, because he’s awfully cute. 😀

He has a house, and a handy, retired father, so what we have right now are wall-covering bookshelves in the midst of being made.  They are, as I said before, up but not done–and I still don’t have the pictures yet, but I think I’ll get them soon (note to self: send own camera in for repair Monday so we don’t have to keep borrowing his parents’)–but they technically work as shelves right now.  At this point, what they need is, like, staining or painting, and some edging or something like that.  But, like, superficial stuff.  The literal shelves themselves are up.

It’s in four sections, although it doesn’t really look that way when you look at it.  What we were told to do, to clear out some space, is put books up in three of the sections, and then one section at a time will get done, and the books will be shifted appropriately.  Awesome.  Gave me something productive to do last night when the bf had his friends over–I could stay a part of the conversation AND unpack at the same time.

But now the three sections are almost entirely full–and not, like, by books in a row.  They are piled; they are turned sideways for more space; some of the shelves have two rows of stacked paperbacks on them rather than one.  All in all, I think there were about 20 boxes, bins, and tubs of books.  These are his books and mine.  THIS DOES NOT EVEN COUNT MY DAUGHTER’S BOOKS.  Hers are upstairs on one large bookshelf and two small ones, and she probably needs another shelf but she has no room for it.  There’s no way these books are going to fit the “right” way even across the four sections rather than three.  GOOD THING I HAVE ANOTHER TWO BOOKCASES OF MINE FROM TARGET THAT WE HAVEN’T REASSEMBLED YET.  The awesome part of this?  I have to choose which books go in my room!  Do I put my all-time favorites?  The ones I want to keep from my kid?  (She’s a book-destroyer and also, she is NOT ready for Scruples.)  The to-reads?  Or will I just wake up, see how very many there are, and feel terribly guilty?  The recapping books?  The graphic novels?  EEEEEEEEEE THE DILEMMA

God, I’m such a dork.  But…BOOKS ❤

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