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Another post complaining about Drexel

December 28, 2009

You only get a three-week break between terms, right?  But you register for the next term while you’re in the middle of the last one.  You would think that this would give you plenty of time to get the books you need, yes?

Except that the book list isn’t set till…I don’t know when.  Yet the books are still up on your personalized list.  So you order them early, you go back later…you find you don’t actually need them.

This has only happened to me once so far, but I’m looking at my list and thinking “Uh…I think maybe it happened again.”

Once again, screw you Drexel.

ETA: HA HA SUCKERS.  I found all the texts at libraries in my area but for the one I’d already ordered.  SO NEENERKINS.  The only person who gets my money is the classmate I bought it off.  And, of course, Drexel for my tuition.  And the government I have to pay back to pay that tuition.  DAMMIT!

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