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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 3: Breakups, for now

January 14, 2010

Stefan and Matt head to the darkroom together. Stop being dirty. Stefan has broken the locks with his vampiric strength, and Matt is super-confused and starting to freak. I would too if my ex-gf’s bf brings me to a dark room to “show me something.” Don’t worry, Matt, he’s ONLY a vampire. It’s not like he wants the makeouts.

Stefan starts the big reveal with all the talky lead-up. Matt sinks deeply, deeply into denial. Good for Matt, acting like a normal person–albeit one who’s been surrounded by mystery, death, and prophecy for the past couple months. Stefan gets Matt to the point of fear and then has him turn around to see a starving, vampire ~*Elena*~. She is “more beautiful than she had been in life, but it was a frightening beauty.”


I’m thinking she reveals her vampire teeth when she smiles, but I have no idea. Matt apparently freaks out more at that point, and Stefan mojos him some telepathy. Damon then reveals himself, putting an already-fearful Matt in the midst of a vampire threesome. (Stop being dirty. You know what I mean. I was going to say something about a circle, but that went to a dirty place too.) GOOD IDEA, STEFAN.

It’s interesting here, actually, despite the fact that all these years and Twilight later it seems like a big cliche. There’s all this stuff about instinct–Matt’s to run and Stefan’s to chase and kill. It does a great job of alienating the vampires from the human in the reader’s eye, I think, especially when Stefan thinks that if Matt runs, he feels he HAS to chase him. It’s his nature.

It’s the vegetarian/carnivore thing all over again, I tells ya. Except with consent. Which Stefan is just about to ask Matt for.

(Side note: the boyfriend is omni, I’m vegan, and we did have a big old debate the other night about whether we should go with our animal natures or our rational, “human” side when it comes to eating. Eventually, the conversation came down to consent. I called it “erring on the side of compassion,” I think, but it’s really about consent. This is why vampires are still fascinating to me no matter how much they get played out in society–because that metaphor of consent hasn’t been fully tapped yet.)

Stefan psychically reminds Matt of his promise to help ~*Elena*~, and Matt consents. ~*Elena*~ (who is now extra-special as a vampire, so I feel like I should do something more for her name than I already have, but sparkletext can be such a pain) wants to go for what seems right–a killing bite–but Stefan has Damon point out where to bite instead, which Damon does by holding Matt tightly by the chin. It’s quite creepy, really. Highly effective.

Stefan gives him one last chance to change his mind, but Matt’s sticking to his promise.  It hurts a little, but ~*Elena*~ and Stefan send some soothing mojo his way, the former not on purpose.  She’s just a happy little vampy.  She’s got her beloved Matt to nom on.  Stefan feels a twinge of jealousy because ~*Elena*~’s all not trying to kill him.

She has to be pried off of him though, because I guess Matt is tasty (chunks of the internet agree!), and Damon takes her away for some much-needed rest.  She goes with him willingly, so some hu-mon blood hasn’t stopped the thrall.  Stefan tries to focus on the fact that the blood will at least make sure this transition doesn’t kill her.  You know Stefan.  “Oh no, she doesn’t love me, BUT AT LEAST SHE’S ALIVE…ISH.”  EYEROLL, people.  EYEROLL.

Matt asks some important questions, and Stefan does too.  They get each other caught up: Matt on Damon’s identity, and Stefan on some of the stuff that’s been going on behind his back.  Matt on what it’s like to be a vampire, Stefan on the depth of ~*Elena*~’s betrayal.  Stefan lets Matt know that the only way to end this existence for her is to stake her.  He refers to himself as a “hunter” as much as a “vampire.”  It’s sort of pretentious.

Matt says that he tried to pass off Stefan’s difference as, like, a European thing.  But he knew better.  Sort of.  Just not really.  He asks about the true purpose of the vervain, and Stefan explains that it was to keep Damon away, and can’t help but get all sulky and jealous.  Matt tells him not to pass judgment on ~*Elena*~ so quickly–seriously, Matt?  Girl dumped you for a vampire in like three seconds flat–and Stefan wishes he could be that gracious.  That DoorMatt-y, you mean.

Then we’re broken out of the bubble of the darkroom by Stefan hearing sounds coming from Tyler and co.  When last we left them, we didn’t know if Stefan had killed their asses.  And we were probably okay if he had, although of course HE wouldn’t be cuz, you know, whiny vampire.  Stefan rushes to the Quonset hut and finds the place like something out of a horror movie–or a Halloween gym scary house thing.  Caroline is the only one unbitten–I wouldn’t want that poison in me, either–and Stefan, despite being exhausted, mojos all the people, still alive, to remember nothing.  Matt realizes that Stefan is the one who’s done this, and he’s appalled.  He’s doing that nostril-flare thing that I think he did before.  Very sexy.  (Ugh.)  Stefan tries to blow it off–“I’m a vampire, it’s what we do”–and Matt’s getting pissy.  Stefan gives him a great line about feeling sorry for the cow when you eat too much steak, and Matt leaves his bro in the dust.  Great job with that making of friends, Steffi.


Meanwhile, ~*Elena*~ is up and hyped from Matt’s blood and doing that “ooooh, look at NATURE!” thing.  I’ll spare you the details.  She ends up at the tomb of Thomas and Honoria Fell and ~*Elena*~ thinks of her parents and decides to go home.  She has a whisper of a thought about her diary, but some thoughts are still difficult to grasp and she lets it go.  She does realize, on some level, that she needs not to be seen, so she goes to sneak into her room, but finds Aunt Judith there, clutching ~*Elena*~’s kimono and dumping Robert.

Yup, dumping Robert.  Why?  She says it’s for Margaret’s sake, because it was her and Robert’s fault for being too wrapped up in each other to parent ~*Elena*~ correctly, and that Margaret needs her full attention.  Robert CORRECTLY points out that their being together would give Margaret some much-needed stability, but Judith refuses to accept that and pushes him away.  He tells her that she’ll “feel differently tomorrow,” and she says she won’t, so he decides to take her word even though she seems to change her mind a second later.  But it’s too late now, cuz Robert’s out the door, and Aunt Judith has–gasp–spotted ~*Elena*~’s face in the window.

DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.  End of chapter.

Next up: Alaric!

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