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January 23, 2010

I’m five chapters into the first Caitlin books, and I’m in awe of how well the author (not Pascal, Joanna Campbell, who I think is one of the horse chick writers from other series) balances out Caitlin’s selfishness and deviousness with vulnerability and flaws.  It’s like, First page–what a bitch.  Chapter five, you’re sort of rooting for her.  She’s a control freak more than anything, which I never picked up on before. I’m really starting to think that I should be recapping these books, although I’ve already done one series that ihatewheat has done over at The Dairi Burger–do I really wanna do another?

Also, for all the stuff I read and recap, I really should’ve thought to make the tag read “YA fiction” instead of “YA literature,” because…yeah, “literature” is a bit of a stretch sometimes.

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