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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury Part 4: Holy crap, a good chapter

January 25, 2010

Seriously.  I have a big old headache, so I decided to recap–I love recapping when I’m feeling cranky–but I just breezed through the chapter and I have not one issue with it this first read-through.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but let’s delve a little deeper:

When last we left Our Heroine, she was…dead.  Undead, really, and biting her ex.  Then she decided to take a trip down memory lane, and was accidentally viewed by her aunt.  As chapter four begins, her boyfriend’s brother/possible new boyfriend Damon is pissed off at her for going back to her childhood home.

Hilariously, the first thing that happens is that Damon pulls her out of the tree she’d been using to check out the old homestead, and she “landed on her feet like a cat.  Her knees hit the ground a second later and got bruised.”  So she’s not a perfectly gymnastic new vampire.  I really didn’t expect that.  Because I’ve been tainted by stories of Nightfall, I just expect this book to suck hard.  But we’re also talking about the woman who wrote Secret Vampire, so hey, let’s cut her some slack while we can, right?

I swear, sometimes it’s like the author’s schizo and only one of her personalities can write.

~*Elena*~ doesn’t want to leave, but Damon quite rightly points out that she literally is barred from the house because of the whole vampire thing.  She wants her diary, though.  He hands her the old one, the one he stole from Caroline, and she’d rather have the new one but she accepts this one and lets him take her away from all the Aunt Judith freaking out.  Damon, oddly enough, takes her to Alaric Saltzman’s house.  Alaric, the replacement teacher.  Alaric, the touchy-feely weirdo.

Alaric is mojoed.  He lets them in and Damon takes her up to the attic, where he’s slept before.  He puts ~*Elena*~ to “bed”–a mattress on the floor, and we find that she wants to cross her arms over her chest like a good little movie vampire.  She uses this position to hold the diary to her like a teddy bear.  Damon covers her feet (aww?), tells her to sleep, maybe even thinks about kissing her, and she sleeps for…four days.

THANK GOD, when she wakes up she’s somewhat back to her old self, although feeling quite muddled.  This is more of a natural muddled, though, none of this “Ohhh, DAMON, you’re so VAMPY” bullshit.  I may have loved it when I was a teen, but now it’s all kinds of disjointed and even if Damon DID give her the latest transfusion, would THAT really enthrall her when she changed?  I don’t know; it didn’t make a lot of sense.  I’m looking forward to seeing if they address it at all.  I know they don’t in this chapter though.

~*Elena*~ does not realize at first how long she’s been asleep.  She doesn’t even know where she is until she sneaks downstairs, instinct telling her to keep it quiet.  She realizes she’s in “the Ramsey house” that Alaric is renting, and that Alaric is having a meeting of Important White Guys about ~*Elena*~’s death.  The two men he’s speaking two are the high school principal, Mr. Newcastle, and generic doctor Dr. Feinberg (holy God, it’s the most “ethnic” name in this damn series; do you think he’s…gasp…JEWISH?).  Alaric has dropped his school persona and is acting like Wesley on Buffy when he wasn’t being drippy.  I see Alaric in my head as a mid-Wesley (competent but not all DARK yet) type.  He may now be played by Alexis Denisof in my head.

Alaric thinks that the vampires–he doesn’t say that word though–might be in the woods, gone to ground, literally.  He also suggests that Bonnie and Meredith be staked out–er, no pun intended.  He’s a Rogue Demon Hunter!  Oh God, I typed “Rogue Damon Hunter” at first.  (Wesley: I’m a Rogue Demon Hunter now.  Cordelia: Wow. (pause) What’s a rogue demon?)  We find out that he’s been hired by the principal to “make it quick and clean.”  Well, uh.  Wow.

~*Elena*~’s now extra-confused, because they haven’t said the words “vampire” or “kill” so much yet.  She goes back up to the attic to find something with the date on it or SOMETHING to tell her what’s up, and she sees the diary.  She catches up on her life events until the diary disappeared, and that triggers some more memories, including her death.

What’s interesting here is that there’s no sense that ~*Elena*~ is doing any hardcore connecting to the person she was, just accessing the memories.  Or rather, she’s not reconnecting to the old fears and guilt, or the earlier manipulations and really, REALLY stupid plots.  It all seems like it’s something that happened long ago, a person she was a long time ago, and okay, I’ll accept that because…death.

She’s mostly just scared of her death, because…she knows she didn’t get out of that car alive.  She goes to look at her reflection, which is there (important to note, I think, in a vampire book), and THERE’S NOTHING HERE ABOUT HOW MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL SHE IS.  WHAT THE HELL, THE SCHIZOPHRENIA CONTINUES.  There’s even stuff about “hollowness about the eyes.”  That doesn’t sound like omg etherrrrreal like we were hearing about last chapter.  Maybe it’s because this is ~*Elena*~’s perception of herself?  But I don’t think so.  I think the author’s cray-cray.

But she’s thankful to see that she hasn’t become evil–at least, not the kind of evil she saw in the mirrors in her dream.  She has a bit of a freakout when she realizes that she has to drink blood.  Um, hey girl?  You already have.  Remember?  Nom nom Matt?

…Wait, no, here we go.  “Her face was still pale but eerily beautiful, like fine porcelain lit from within.”  I guess it’s the light that’s casting the shadows under the eyes, what the heck.  But anyway, she decides she needs to find Stefan.  She goes downstairs and sees a calendar.  Four days.  She was sleeping for four days.

Man, I wish I could sleep for four days sometimes.  Darn reality, getting in the way of my sleeptime.

Anyway, it’s overcast, but she’s in pain from the sun.  Not explodey pain, but still.  She gets to the church–the principal had said something about it–and she hesitates to touch it.  But it’s okay!  No explodey here either!

She then has this revelation about her past self and her present lack of evil.  It’s really quite stirring, or would be if I didn’t have a headache.  She thinks about the way she was all self-centered and not good enough to her friends and SHE EVEN THINKS ABOUT HER LITTLE SISTER, THANK GOD, AND HOW SHE SHOULD’VE PLAYED WITH HER MORE AND YES, SHE EVEN HAS A THOUGHT ABOUT HER AUNT JUDITH AND HOW CRAPPY SHE WAS TO HER.  Fantastic!

She sneaks into the church and she sees everyone there, including Aunt Judith in her funeral dress.  She realizes then where she’s ended up: her own funeral.

She gets there in time for the part where everyone talks about how great she was.  Sue Carson and her dad are up first, because they knew her when she was super-little.  ~*Elena*~ is entranced by how she’s suddenly beloved again, even after all the stuff with Stefan.  Both guys and girls are crying.  Sue’s overcome.  People that ~*Elena*~ used terribly during her Bitch phase are gushing about her.  Then Meredith takes the pulpit.  ~*Elena*~ thinks SHE’ll be the one to lose it, but Meredith starts talking about things, things that aren’t quite right.  Like getting the days and locations wrong.

It’s a message.

But Meredith hasn’t told a distraught Bonnie, so ~*Elena*~ figures that Meredith is only HOPING she has the story right.  Bonnie’s a big mess, and it’s her turn to speak.  She has another one of her psychic moments, of course, and states, “No one is what they appear.”

With that, the White Dudes converge on Bonnie, someone’s behind ~*Elena*~, and the chapter ends.

I know, a short one.  But Stuff Happens, and no one bugs me.  Good deal.

Next up: …I dunno.  I should really start reading ahead a little.

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