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February 12, 2010

After all the hullabaloo about Avatar, I can’t help being a little twitched by Farscape.  Yes, I know, it was made ten years ago and is filled with MUPPETS, but I can’t help sitting there while I watch it and thinking, “You know what would be great?  If the main character were female.”  I keep switching the genders of Crichton and Aeryn in my head, because I’m sick of this generic white dude coming along into a world he’s completely new to and “fixing” everything.  I’m also thinking it’s a bit of a shortcut to take us out of the main world so quickly and into a place where EVERYONE’s on the same level; it takes Crichton out of the role of the newbie–except that he ISN’T, because all the characters are still leaps ahead of him in information.  It doesn’t quite work for me.

Watching a sci-fi show that existed before Joss Whedon’s influence permeated the genre is weird, too.  It’s sooo episodic.

I’m not saying it isn’t entertaining, or funny.  Not at all.  But it’s dated in quite a few ways now, and I guess I just haven’t gone that far back in this genre in a long time.  The last time I even glanced at, say, Next Gen, was like 2004.  A lot has changed in sci-fi since then–although, if you go by Avatar, you’d think it was just the CGI.

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