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February 13, 2010

I’m actually healing at an incredible rate compared to how it’s been in the past, but I’m still in bed for a while (especially with a heating pad) after walking or standing about for a few minutes.  I’m doing okay with keeping up with my schoolwork, but I can really only say that if I work for a few hours today and tomorrow–I generally try to avoid a significant amount of work on the weekend because of my family, but that’s been flipped because they were home all week due to the snow/scheduled days off.  Anyway, if I can get some stuff done this afternoon, and more stuff done at some point tomorrow, I’ll be more than caught up, and I’ll be set to do something for myself, like recapping.

Something I can do from my bed?  Update my Goodreads.  As I said before, I have four shelves on my bedroom bookcase that are two-deep, of books I’ve picked up over the years that I’ve yet to read.  These books are, for the most part, from three places: library sales, where sometimes the books are a dollar for all you can fit in a plastic grocery bag; my friend Rob; and the freebie library discard cart.  This is not exactly an expensive collection, despite being a rather extensive one.

So this morning, I made sure every book on the bottom shelf was in my Goodreads account under “to-read.”  I used my daughter to read the row behind the ones I can see from here.  And maybe later, if I have some time, I’ll start on the second shelf, front books of course.

Don’t get me wrong; a lot of them are in there, but by no means all.

But yeah, once I’m done, you’ll be able to see the books that make up my selections for my yearly challenge.  This year’s challenge is the read fifty of them.  The ones I’ve already finished are tagged “jri” (Just Read It, the name of our challenge).  I don’t know what to tag Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, because it’s a JRI book but I’m not going to finish it.  Ever.  But does it count because I made the attempt?  Ugh, and there are a couple random titles in to-read, so…I’m actually not as organized as I thought.

I don’t think I’ll have a problem reaching my goal, at any rate.  33(34)/50 already, woot.  Although there won’t be much in the way of JRI books in the next two weeks, barring the one I’m reading now, because I’ve got a ton to read (and do) for school in the next three weeks.

Which I need to start…now.

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