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March 2, 2010

Look, Blog, I’m not ignoring you.  We’re buds.  But you know as well as I do that the last two weeks of classes can get a little crazy around here.  I’m drinking like 700 bottles of water to stop myself from stress eating, and that makes me even busier, what with my frequent bathroom breaks.

The Future Librarian has to:

-finish her YA Resources group project, which is a wiki on the vague topic of “Friends and Family.”  We each took a page.  I did mine on Coming Out.  I figured if there were ever an issue that dealt directly with Friends and Family, that’s one of like two.  The other is Conflict Resolution, which is being taken care of by one of my other group members.  We’re also working as a group on a page called Making Friends, but have you ever really thought about the whole concept, and how oddly vague it is?  So on one hand, I’m done my primary responsibility; on the other, I feel like I’m nowhere near done because now we’ve got vague on top of vague.

-finish my log for the YALSA listserv and Joyce Valenza’s blog.  I’m caught up to this week, but I feel I shouldn’t turn in this week’s until at least Friday.  So that one sits for a few more days.

-write a paper on whether I think I deserve an A.  I THINK I DO, THANKS.  But I apparently have to back it up.  Considering that I type at over 100 wpm and like to argue, this one can get done in, like, a half-hour.  So I keep pushing it back to the end of the week.  Really, it makes the most sense.

So, that’s one class.

In another, I have to write out some sort of proposal for “an exemplary program.”  I don’t even know because I made up the program idea, and I have my background info because it’s on the town library, and I have all that from my last paper.  I think there is also a group discussion this week that I need to pay attention to.  This is obviously the class that moves along so well that I don’t pay as much attention to it than the “needier” classes.

In my third class, I have to design or redesign a library web page.  I chose the library of the school where my boyfriend works, because OMG, I have never seen a website that’s more pathetic–and I mean the whole site, not just the library part.  The redesign is going well–I am trying to keep the spirit of the ugly, broken thing because I’m pretty sure the site won’t be allowed to be used no matter what, but the librarian and I have a better chance if the code isn’t changed TOO much.  On the other hand, since there will be a new principal there next year, who cares how much the code is changed, so long as he or she says “You know what’s ugly?  Our website.”

And so on.

Anyway, I think that’s everything I have to do.  It doesn’t sound like much to me, but that means it’ll take about 14x as long as I expect.  That’s how it always plays out.

Then a short break, then my last quarter at Drexel.  WOO!

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