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March 5, 2010

Heheheh, can’t stop hearing the music in your head, can you?  You’re welcome.

All right, so I finished my blog log (hee) and turned that in.  I also finished my reflection/participation paper, but that’s not due till next week so I have it ready to email Monday morning.  I’ve completed my work on the group project for YA Resources, although the project itself isn’t quite finished yet, but I’m still calling that done, because my group members will come through.  That’s three of six.

I’m going to try to finish the website stuff today (and I should be able to, if I don’t take my fifteen-minute break as Mahjong Towers Eternity again, because that fifteen minutes turned into…well, quite a while longer).  That’s four of six, although the bf wants to tweak the images over the weekend.  Two seconds to reupload doesn’t mean a thing to me; I’m still calling it four of six completed by tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest.

That leaves me with my other class, where I have a project and a group discussion.  The discussion has already begun and I don’t see anyone dawdling there in any way that makes me think we can’t get it done by its due date of Monday.  Then it’s just that project, and ta-da!  Finito.

Okay, writing about it doesn’t get anything done.  EEEE, ALMOST DONE!  And hopefully with plenty of time to spare, as well.  I’m taking a break Saturday evening to spend some alone-time with the bf while my daughter’s with her dad, but I still think that means I could be done with everything by–Monday night, unless I’m misunderstanding the depth of the project.

But that work isn’t going to get done if I’m blogging so…wish me luck!  I’d like an extra-long break, which I can pull off by five days or so if I get these things done ASAP!

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