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I never fail to amaze myself.

March 7, 2010

So this is pretty ridiculous, but check it out: you know how I said two days ago that I was almost done my web design project?  WELL, DESPITE HAVING WORKED ON IT FOR THE PAST TWO DAYS, I AM STILL EXACTLY WHERE I WAS WHEN I SAID I WAS ALMOST DONE IT.

I never fail to fool myself into thinking I’m close to being done when I’m really not.  Note for the future: don’t even THINK it until you’ll looked at the grading rubric.  I had all this other stuff I needed/wanted to add to make sure I was fulfilling every one of her requirements.

Second thing, I never fail to fool myself into thinking I haven’t read a book I’ve read.  “Gosh, I’m pretty sure I did read this one.  But my Goodreads says I haven’t, and it’s still on my to-read shelf.  So I must not have read it.”  Despite the first couple pages being INCREDIBLY familiar, “I…But the thing says I haven’t read it!”

Look, I’ve read it, okay?  But I’m reading it again because it’s on my list.  That’s lame, but I’ll do anything to shrink that list, obviously.

So yeah, back to where I was two days ago, but with a greater sense of completion.  I guess.

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