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Spotlight on Ties That Blind by Leigh Michaels

March 8, 2010

(Spotlight posts contain spoilers, although if you want to stay spoiler-free from a seventeen-year-old Harlequin, more power to you.)

I love the quote on the back of this book.  “…No wonder Leigh Michaels has such a growing following”  (Romantic Times).  Let’s play a round of Guess The …!

I’m going with “With her incredibly bland and inoffensive books, and her inability to pin down a location in her stories so they can be Anytown, U.S.A…”

I actually really liked Michaels’s Sell Me a Dream when I was growing up, and it’s on my list of Harlequin books for recapping.  However, she does that same Unnamed Town, U.S.A, thing that I never picked up on then and drives me crazy now.

ANOTHER THING that drives me crazy, about this book specifically, is how irritatingly immature and unsympathetic the main character is.  Abbey spends the entire book being a total snob–and that’s on the back, so you can’t even say “Ughhh, I wasn’t warned”–but it’s more than that.  She spends the entire time being a BRATTY snob.  She’s completely unlikable and becomes even moreso toward the end of the book, when she SUDDENLY AND OUT OF NOWHERE decides that not only is she interested in the male lead, but she COULD NOT POSSIBLY LOVE HIM MORE AND ONLY MARRIAGE WILL DO.

What?  Huh?  I practically got reader whiplash.  Also, they set it up earlier in the book that Flynn was, you know, not the marrying kind, but whether Flynn had any sex life before he met Abbey is completely ignored.  What he’s been doing with his life–completely ignored.  What his goals for the future are–completely ignored.  Does he want kids?  Who knows!  But they’re GETTING MARRIED.

Hey, if this book had ended with them deciding to get into a relationship, I would’ve still disliked Abbey but I would’ve been fine with it.  But…marriage?  MARRIAGE?

I know I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, but UGH.

PS Also, I HAD read it before AND it was on my Goodreads, so how it ended up upstairs on the to-read bookcase, I have no idea.  Also, lollerkins, you can get it on your Kindle.

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