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Zoey Fools Around, Part 6

March 13, 2010

By guest recapper Sarah!  Editor comments in brackets.

Weymouth High – Zoey and Aisha are in Ms. Lambert’s homeroom. Intercom announcements. Wheeeeeee! The faculty is making it official that no cigarettes are allowed at school-even unlit.

Zoey writes a note to Aisha saying Nina will be thrilled and feel like a celebrity. Aisha writes back asking Zoey what happened with Joke. Announcements about nominations for student government are made. Zoey confirms that she and Jake made with the “slippery lippery.” Ew. That just reminds me of this guy I had to dump in high school because kissing him felt like pressing my lips against an oil slick. *shudder* [Oh God, oh God.  I just ate breakfast, Sarah!]

Ms. Lambert announces that she frowns on note-passing and proceeds to read Aisha’s response to Zoey. Basically, Aisha blew off The Shupe’s Intramural Soccer Seduction, but think he has a nice ass. This causes Ms. Lambert to blush. That’s weird. I mean, even in the halcyon days of 1994, that would be pretty mild. Ms. Lambert would have fallen over and died if she had gone to the high schools I went to and read notes aloud.

Later that day: Lucas tries to catch up to Zoey in the hallway. Zoey studiously tries to avoid him. This lasts about five seconds, because her parents taught her to be a decent human being. Oh, and she’s totally in LURVE with Lucas. Apparently, Mr. Bushnell, their French teacher, had the audacity to suggest that they speak French to each other on the ferry to and from school for practice. This strikes Zoey with horror at what Jake would think about Zoey and Lucas being friendly in French…to each other! I can’t help but wonder if Zoey told Jake that it was for her grade and how nice it would be for her to, you know, graduate; he might ease up on the pseudo-‘roid rage…but, alas, this is Jake, so not a snowball’s chance in hell.

Lucas tries to play as if he’s totally cool for being shunned and Zoey gets a panicky and explains that she’s not being a jerk and it’s kind of hilarious because when you have to tell someone you’re not being a jerk, you probably are. I don’t know why the awkwardness of this situation is so amusing to me, but there it is.

Zoey and Lucas then talk in French about how life is stupid (Mr. Bushnell is standing in class, wiping a proud tear from his left eye.) and then the discussion turns to “that place,” and I’m thinking I must be terribly jaded because her voice drops and you’d think she was talking about the Oswald State Correctional Facility or something. Zoey is worried about Jake seeing them together and throwing a fit, so she thinks she might have to be rude and blow  him off (because clearly this has worked so well in the days Lucas has been back). Instead she invites him to McDonald’s.

They take back roads and decide to eat in Zoey’s car. Lucas makes note of all the stuff that’s been built up since he was away and directs Zoey to a scenic area. They start chowing down. They get out of the car and admire the scenery (each other), and Zoey notices some Special Sauce on Lucas’ lip and I really want to know what they put in it because the thought of it apparently overwhelms them with lust and they start making out.

Chapter the Sixteenth

Benjamin and Claire are on the ferry. Claire is looking for someone and not being very subtle, as she’s sitting right next to him and he can make educated guess as to where she’s looking. He figures out that Zoey and Lucas aren’t there and when she pulls away from him, Benjamin figures she’s staring at Jake. He asks Claire about the weather and she responds with some vague non-answer and Benjamin knows something is up. Claire then says she has to use the bathroom and Benjamin realizes she’s going to talk to Jake, so he decides to listen in. Benjamin needs better hobbies. I think he should push a button every 108 minutes to save the world. Oops, wrong island. Sorry!  [It’s so windy in New Jersey today, I keep thinking of Burning Fog Isle. This morning I woke up and said “Someone was whistling yesterday!”  Wow, I’m lame.]

He hears Claire talking about Zoey and Lucas and Jake claiming not to be the suspicious type and you just know that he’s the type to pull the “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s your friends!” crap. Ugh. Claire comes back to Benjamin and lies that there was a line. Benjamin wonders what kind of games she’s playing and considers the fact that she might not even know she’s playing them. Benjamin asks to talk to Nina about a book they’re reading. Benjamin goes to where Nina is sitting and asks if Claire is talking to Jake. Nina is hesitant, but then admits they are talking. Benjamin then asks Nina if Claire is interested in Jake and she hems and haws a bit before saying that she never understood what Zoey saw in Jake and that Claire is stupid for showing interest.

Then she starts talking about how you’ve known someone you’re entire life and they just start appealing to you and who knows? Maybe you’re the one that changed. Maybe the guy doesn’t even notice your interest. Benjamin is hyper-focused on Claire and doesn’t even notice Nina is pouring her heart out to him. Benjamin says that “she” would make sure “he” would notice. Nina says maybe “she” is shy. Benjamin laughs at the idea of Claire being shy and says so. Nina most likely fights the impulse to rip his head off and use it as a doorstop.

Benjamin half-heartedly thanks Nina for her time and is surprised when she’s all “Yeah, whatever.”

God, Benjamin is a douchebag. He seems to have an inferiority complex and a superiority complex all at the same time and for some reason thinks Claire is showing an interest in Jake because she wanted Benjamin to tell her that she’s beautiful.

Well, okay then!

Next up: Nina rants and raves to Axl Rose, Claire listens in on Nina’s phone conversation, and Benjamin wants the truth, but Claire can’t handle the truth and runs away from him.

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  1. August 9, 2010 7:47 pm

    Aw, man. I just found these recaps and read them all in one sitting. First of all–moar, plz! Secondly–I was thinking of doing my own recaps of these (and Ocean City/Making Waves), because I LOVED them when I was an adolescent and I feel like nobody else has ever heard of them ever. I was thinking of making a community a la 1bruce1 (for Sweet Valley recaps), but I’m not sure if there’d be enough interest. Maybe if I threw Animorphs, Everworld and Remnants in there…

    Anyway, my points are: (1) I love these recaps, (2) I hope you don’t mind if I do my own, and (3) let me know if you’d be interested in a LiveJournal or other kind of community blog for these.

    P.S. Nina is awesome.

    • August 9, 2010 10:41 pm

      Linking Sarah to your comment so she can reply. Thanks for reading! Isn’t she great? 😀

    • August 29, 2010 9:21 pm

      Hey, Sarah’s having some problems getting her comments to go through. She’s passed on this message for you: “OK Second Time Posting LOL

      That’s about the nicest thing you could have written! Thank you so much!
      Please do some KAA recaps. The more the merrier! I totally subscribe to the 1bruce1 idea that every person can bring something different to the same material.

      Years ago I tried to drum up interest in a KAA community, but nobody seemed interest. Now, with the nostalgia of BSC and SVH being rereleased, I think it would be a really great time to start one up!

      I would definitely be interested in joining one, though!

      Here’s a quiz that I made years ago. I’m shocked that it’s still around!

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