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More on a lack of romance

March 18, 2010

You know, I’ve said before that I don’t read almost any contemporary romance anymore, and I’ve discussed my theory that we are in “a post-Bridget Jones world” where heroines are stupid and tear women down rather than build them up, but really, the past few days have been such a reminder of my dislike for the contemporary world in which these contemporary romances take place.

-My friend was denied birth control pills (which she’s been taking for a hormonal imbalance since she was eleven) until her paperwork was modified to exclude the fact that she might could possibly use the birth control pills FOR BIRTH CONTROL.

-Facebook sent me a friend suggestion for a woman who I had to stop talking to years ago because I would literally feel ill when we spoke, because she wouldn’t get out of her emotionally abusive relationship under the guise of religious conservatism.  (No, not Christianity.)  I could probably handle a friend being in a bad relationship if she hadn’t related many times that her husband would say horrible, terrible things to her IN FRONT OF HER YOUNG CHILDREN.  Way to pass on those negative behaviors, woman who is STILL with that guy.

It’s apparently okay to sell unsafe sex toys as “novelties” at Spensers Gifts, but not to have an actual, women- and sex-positive store that sells SAFE sex toys (and safe sex). The petition is here.

-Michael Angeli is still writing for television.  Although they paired him with Jane Espenson for a recent episode of Caprica, so I guess that’s a start.  Balancing out disgusting misogyny with an awesome feminist = a step in the right direction, but I’d rather any sales from season DVDs go to getting that man (and Frank Miller) some much-needed therapy.

-I found out this week that Lady Gaga writes her own songs and has TONS of creative control.  I’d feel good about this, but once again, we’re in a downswing where this is the exception, not the norm.

-I’ve been listening to pop music and it hurts.  (“I don’t wanna be disrespectful, so I’m about to use the word ‘booty.'”)  Worse is the radio station itself.  “Hey, talking points for today: men are stupid, women are harpies, yay!”

SIGH.  I’ll be in my book fort, pretending none of this exists.  Except Lady Gaga.  She can stay.

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