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This week is going to be ridiculous.

March 30, 2010

My grandmother’s surgery is today, Easter is coming, I have a friend and her son coming Friday to visit for part of their spring break, but my daughter and fiance lost most of their break because of snow days.  Still, it should align okay, since they still have Friday off, and then we’ll have the weekend together.  Easter eggs and homemade pizza tomorrow night with the fiance’s parents, going to visit my family on Friday, and then SOMETHING with my grandmother after she’s out of the hospital.

Oh, and school work.  Right.  Lots of schoolwork.

This term, my final term of grad school, I am taking Resources in the Humanities, Introduction to Archives, and Cataloging & Classification.  I’m pretty psyched about all of these topics, although less psyched about taking classes in them, because I’m burned out.  I wish I could’ve taken on-campus courses this time but it wasn’t feasible, not with the new distance and my back.

My friend and beloved book sister/recap buddy Megan (“Liss”) is an archivist, so I basically took the class to get a better understanding of what she does.  Truth.  She makes it sound interesting.  Or at least, the fact that someone cool does it makes it sound interesting to me.  At one point we have to tour an archive.  I’m hoping I can do that with her.  Road trip!

Resources in the Humanities, I hear, has “treasure hunts.”  I love stuff like that.  It’s one of the neat parts of being in library school. And I’ve taken a class with the professor before, and I know she’s good.  I get a little thrown by her assignments being due the first of the week (rather than the last day of the week), but I’ll get there.  I may have to rewrite her syllabus so it’s more me-friendly.

Finally, there’s C&C.  I’m pretty psyched for anything to do with organization.  I’m an organization freak.  We ARE talking about the girl who put all the non-fiction in her house in Dewey order.

What a nerd.

I wish I had more to say about library school, I really do.  In part, being online really disconnects one from the learning process.  I’ve discovered how much of an auditory learner I really am.  On top of that, I’m just sick of school.  (But not learning.)  I’ve been going for something like six years straight now.  I’m ready to do something else for a while.  Although, knowing me, I’ll probably start begging old profs for syllabi and doing the readings for their classes.  I always wanted to take Detective Fiction with Lisa Honaker over at Stockton, but I never had the time/availability.  I do, however, have a copy of her reading list from when my friend asked for reading suggestions.

Oh, good times, good times.  I miss going to class.  I’d rather be frustrated with classmates I can SEE.  Undergrad had more people who were incompetent, but when it happens in grad school it makes me sadder.  I miss human interaction.  I don’t like relying on one person (in this case, my fiance) to be my only grown-up conversation all day.  But on the other hand, I don’t really have time during the day to sit around and chat with online friends while classes and life are going on, not if I want to keep my evenings for my family.  And I do.


And I used to get a fair amount of interaction from going to Curves (highly recommended for people who aren’t really into exercise; for those who are, it’s too light of a workout), but my back wouldn’t allow that even if my bank account would.  And it wouldn’t be the same anyway.  I loved THAT Curves, where I used to live.  Man, I miss the shore.


My book club is doing Nostalgia Month.  We’re reading Flowers in the Attic and/or the Baby-Sitters Club prequel, and we’re also going to be talking all month about stuff we read as kids.  I think it’s going to be popular, because everyone can be involved.  I think only two people read last month’s book (Pillars of the Earth), one of which was me.  But I have Flowers downstairs and the prequel on hold at the library (I hope they get it fast!).  I just worry I won’t have time to read them if I’m pushing myself to get stuff done for school.  But that’s silly.  I may read them, like, in the late part of the second week of the month, but I’ll still get to them.  They’re quick reads, fortunately.

I’d love to just settle down and read a TON of older books, but I just won’t have the time, I think.  We’ve borrowed my fiance’s parents’ Wii Fit Plus until they’re back in stores (my aunt gave my mom money for it for us for Christmas, but we haven’t found one yet due to a backlog) so that’s another hour of my day that I need to set aside for something specific that isn’t school or family time.  I need to build my back muscles up bit by bit and I need to lose weight to take some of the pressure off my back.  It’s difficult because the more you’re limited, the less you can exercise, but you NEED to exercise so that you don’t get re-injured, so you’re not limited even more.  Heh.

But at least I have a lot to discuss in me.  Taking Resources for Children and Resources for Young Adults gave me a ton of nostalgia reading to do that I can bring to the discussion.

But for now, I need to get back to my Archives readings.  I still have another 30 pages to go.  Just in this one book.

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