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Future Librarian is boring

April 9, 2010

I know some of my classmates do library blogs, and they’re very libraryish.  But I’m not one of those people who has a job at the library while they get their degree; I sit at home most of the day, doing stretches to help heal my back, and exercises to lose the extra weight to take the pressure off my back, and raise my kid, and alternately love and hate the cat, and enjoy my relationship with my fiance, and clean the house, and take the occasional online survey for cash and Borders Bucks.

But mostly I do schoolwork.

Grad school is…hey, is “whelming” a word?  It’s not quite overwhelming, except during crunch time, but it’s definitely a full-time endeavor when you’re taking a full course load.  When I’m not reading, writing, researching, compiling, interviewing, connecting, complaining, or something else related to school, I’m thinking about what things need to be done for school, and by when.

Usually, my classes run Mondayish to Mondayish, where I could have one class where things were due Monday, or Tuesday, but most were Sunday night.  Now my classes this term run Tuesday to Tuesday, which is a little confusing because who has Tuesday as their first day of the week, ever?  Heck, even my friends who end up on weird days where Tuesday is the first day of their week don’t treat it as such.  But it’s early days, still, when I’m able to do all my reading leisurely and not be weighed down by all that needs to be done.  I’m going Monday to Sunday night, still, and I hope to keep this up, because it means I’ll be way ahead of the game when things are due on Tuesdays.

I have to two “field trips” this term–one to a local academic library to check out their humanities reference books, and another to an archive.  I want to go see Liss’s work (she’s the only archivist I know) so we’re hoping to get the okay for that.  I’m supposed to wait a bit for the archive, but I guess I could go to the academic library next week to, once again, be ahead of the game.  Yes.  I can do this.  I’m sick, but I can do this.

I’ve been trying to do the reading for every class in one day, so like: two days ago, it was archives, then yesterday it was humanities, and today will be cataloging.  And this is me starting a day late because I was sick, of course, so usually that leaves me with Friday to do homework-type stuff, with Saturday and Sunday having a few hours where I can take time while the bf chills out with video games to finish up.

It’s a good life.

It’s a lot less scary than finding a job near a library school when baby boomers are putting off retiring and the economy sucks.

Borders, here I come. 😦

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