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Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt?

April 13, 2010

I love treasure hunts, and being a lit major and then a library sci–er, information something-or-the-other major means that I get to do them fairly often.  My one class this term, Resources in the Humanities, has a few treasure hunts, and I’m psyched.

I also feel that, for library school attendees, treasure hunts are one of the things we do that seem like real-life practice for our careers.  For those of us (maybe half?) that don’t already have jobs in the field, this is the most like answering patrons questions at the reference desk.

Unlike Resources for Children and Resources for Young Adults, the emphasis here is on reference, rather than an immersion into the literature.  All the classes dealt with the definition and information needs of the groups being studied, but the big difference is audience: Children and Young Adults assume that your audience is going to primarily be concerned with literature; Humanities assumes your audience is going to be primarily concerned with information ABOUT the literature.  So, unlike the other two, where we read tons of children’s books and YA lit, we’re not reading Plato’s Republic or Jane Austen in Resources in the Humanities.  We’re focused on the databases, the bibliographies, the tools.  (Not that we aren’t taught about those in the other courses, but it’s too easy, especially with group work, to skim rather than retain those kinds of information, and they’re fairly repetitive anyway–Hello, Voya.  Hello, Booklist.  Etc.)

And sure, that doesn’t sound as fun as reading There’s a Bat in Bunk Five, but it does mean TREASURE HUNTS, so I’m on board.

Off to do some huntin’.

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