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April 25, 2010

Still enjoying the heck out of Buffy Season 8.  Just read the sixth trade.  I have to say, reading the trades is the way to go.  The issues don’t work standalone, most of the time.  I was talking to my fiance’s friend, who was on the fence about the issues, and I lent him my trades and he said it really was a completely different reading experience.

The problem then becomes, if people would prefer the trades, what happens to the issues?  I’m pretty sure a title would get canceled for poor sales, but is it realistic in today’s society, with all the different media forms, to get rid of something that doesn’t do well in one format, but does extremely well in another?  See also: Firefly, although that wasn’t so much an example of something doing poorly in one format as something, you know, not being treated well enough in its format to gauge an accurate response.

Fox, you jerks.

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