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Oh heck.

June 22, 2010

So that time that I deferred grad school because of my back?  Yeahhhh, that was my grace period on my undergrad student loan.  So now I have to start repaying it next month.  NEXT MONTH.  So if I can’t find a job that I can actually do soon, I’m thinking that I’m super-screwed, between that and still paying off that time I had that flamed appendix and actually wanted it out when I didn’t have health insurance*. D:


*I was told that my health insurance would cover it retroactively if I applied that day (and so I did), except it didn’t, and now have random bills for, like, anesthesia, coming in.  What, they can’t all deal with the same billing?  Screw you guys; you weren’t even sending the bills to my house so I didn’t get them for months.

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