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I and II and III

June 30, 2010

My school server is going down and/or being moved, so the lovely people at WordPress helped me merge Bookslide II and Bookslide III together even though the school was using a version from, like 2006 and everything was a little confused for a while.  I wonder if I merged Bookslide I with Bookslide II at some point, so they’re all here?  Could be! Yes, yes it’s true!  They’re all here!  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I do realize there’s at least two glitches, and I’m going to leave them up for a bit so the person who’s been helping me can see what happened, and then I’ll fix it after she’s had a look.

Still, I’m rather pleased.  Hello, Bookslide I!  Hello, Bookslide II!  Feel free to read back, although a lot of it is about Stockton classes (like the “new” categories Ovid and Shakespeare and the like).

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