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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 10: Elena Sure Doesn’t Help the Plot Along, I Can Tell You That

July 18, 2010

Dear Diary,

No one is acting suspicious, pets may or may not be acting oddly, and it’s snowing in Virginia a lot more than it should be.  Oh, and there’s totes a party tonight.  Let’s go!

When last we left Our Heroine, she was trying to evoke our sympathy and failing terribly.  Now she’s trying to figure out what the Other Power is and failing terribly.  WHY were we supposed to look up to her again?

A meeting at ~*Elena*~’s new barnyard digs has Damon flirting with Our Heroine (and, perhaps, Bonnie), Stefan babbling about going to something that’s obviously a trap (Caroline wants to meet up with him), and an agreement to hit Alaric’s party with the remaining two vamps hiding in the attic in case of disaster.

In Alaric’s attic, Damon uses their alone time to flirt some more.  Listening in on her classmates’ conversations, ~*Elena*~ hears little besides gossip and wishful thinking about ~*Elena*~ being some sort of angel.  (…FORESHADOWING?)  Bonnie comes up to join them because Meredith told her so, and then Meredith comes in being all suspicious and “Trust me.”  Alaric comes in with a gun (admittedly under his jacket).  Damon tries to hide ~*Elena*~ behind him, then gets the gun from Alaric in the blink of an eye.  ~*Elena*~ finds herself restraining Meredith with no real memory of it.  Huh.  Way to trust your friend, about a day after you swore you did.  Damon is extra-pissy because the bullets are wood-tipped.  As well he should be.

Alaric’s wrist is broken, but Meredith has no sympathy for his Wesleyesque ass.  Bonnie’s pissed, too, because everyone is out there getting guys but her.  ~*Elena*~ is more interested in figuring out what Alaric’s deal is, and why Meredith would reveal so many of her secrets to him in the first place.  Damon dismisses him as a vampire hunter, but Alaric says that isn’t true.  He wants to know where Stefan is, and when they tell him he’s with Caroline, Alaric freaks.  Turns out Caroline, under hypnosis, has revealed Stefan to be the attacker, and the parents and authority figures are all sorts of ready to angry mob it up.

Duh, it was a trap.

Damon and ~*Elena*~ are picking up something on the Stefan vamp-o-meter, and head out, with Alaric stumbling behind, insisting that he can diffuse the situation.  ~*Elena*~ tells Damon to go in his bird form, as it will be faster.

Then we get a page of Stefan whining about how stupid he was and how Damon should take care of ~*Elena*~.  Fuck you, Stefan.  She’s a VAMPIRE and it’s the 1990s; she can take care of herself.

Damon, meanwhile, is annoyed that his brother is stupid and weak.  He switches from bird to wolf and attacks the men.  He’s just about to get shot at when ~*Elena*~ comes in and saves his day.

I told you she could take care of herself.

Next up: Did ~*Elena*~ reveal her undeadness with her Damon-saving maneuver?  Check in soon to find out!  Although, if you’re reading this, you probably already know.

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  1. Serena permalink
    July 29, 2010 2:56 am

    Ha! Love your criticism of Stefan’s “take care of Elena” crap. L.J. did a better job with strong female characters in the Night World series… I remember a lot of them being kick-ass, saving the day (and saving guys). Although Elena saved Damon, so yay. But I never did care about Elena and Stefan as a couple, when I read TVD as a kid, and now your recaps are reminding me why! L.J. thinks Stefan is sensitive and gallant… but he comes across as whiny and smothering.

    • July 29, 2010 7:46 am

      He really, really does.

      Night World, in retrospect, has been surprisingly good so far. Admittedly, Megan and I have only recapped a little bit of the first one because of our conflicting schedules. Did you see those posts?

  2. Serena permalink
    July 29, 2010 6:36 pm

    I’m glad you like Night World better too! I’ll have to come back and read those recaps when I have more free time (sneaking these comments in at work ;))

    • July 29, 2010 10:05 pm

      Don’t be naughty! Some people like the “commentary” format better than flat-out one-person recaps, and some don’t. Hope you enjoy it.

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