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WiB Summer Edition, Week 10

July 25, 2010

Only four books this week, with one of them being a project Harlequin, so nothing to say about that…yet.  So!  Three books this week.

I also want to pat myself on the back for hitting ten weeks in a row, but since I’m in like year two of recapping TVD, I also DON’T want to pat myself on the back.  A less enthusiastic “So.” this time.

As for those three books, the first was Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty.  Its slow pacing earned it four outta five stars from me on Goodreads but otherwise, it’s a story of boarding school, backstabbing, and magic.  The characters are well-developed in their selfishness; the teen girls seem realistically teen–drawn together by circumstances more than interests, tied together only by their experiences together, not their personalities.  Their friendship is tenuous not because the plot needs it to be, but because girls that age do that sort of thing.  There’s a reason the friendships we forge in high school don’t always last us the rest of our lives.  And the magic aspect is really more interesting than most magic has been to me in a long time.  Barring, perhaps, The Dresden Files.

I read Blood Rites and Dead Beat this week.  My bff Jen told me that these two books, along with the one that game before, were the high point of the series thus far, and from what I’ve read I’m inclined to agree with her.  Blood Rites is poorly named, but my favorite kind of Dresden book: primarily focused on a mystery, a case to solve, rather than being enmeshed in the wizard world (and war).  Not that that doesn’t come up TOO, but there’s a mystery to solve.  On the set of a porn shoot.  And Harry’s so squeamish about such things.  Poor dear.

Dead Beat would’ve been three stars, except around halfway through, maybe more, Butcher kicked it up a notch and entertained the HELL out of me for the rest of the book.  (No pun intended, despite the caps.)  Love Butters despite his name, loved Sue in all her glory.  I tend to have problems imagining all the ins and outs of action sequence–and there’s a LOT of action in this book–but everything was crystal-clear in this one.  Good times.

Oh, I also read two of the short stories here, on Butcher’s site.  The first two, of course.  And hey, turns out my library DOES have My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding–except that it’s in the freakin’ non-fiction section, even though Mean Streets was with the Dresden books.  Bite me, library.  So I guess I’ll put off reading the next book till I grab the short story, probably tomorrow.  The stories I read aren’t anything special.  They’re really for the big fans.  *shrug*

So that was my week.  Next week: more Dresden and me trying to knock some things off my to-read bookcase, including my very first Harlequin Flipside.

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