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The Job Hunt

July 31, 2010

Every week I go to the same few sites, looking for jobs in my brand-new, experience-less field.  Every week I see a lot of posts for library directors, but very, very few for entry-level jobs.  Of those very, very few, even less are anywhere within an hour’s drive of me.  My back could probably handle a job easier than two hours in a car four to six times a week, but I apply anyway.

Now there’s a job in my town, in a library, but not for a librarian.  I’m going to apply.  Sure, there’s no way it will pay as much as a library job, but it would be a short drive and get me into a school library, which I’m sort of wondering if I should be doing anyway.  (I don’t have the teaching degree that needs to go with it, so.)  It will gain me a year of experience–in school-time anyway–in a library, and, frankly, I don’t have to make much to keep up with my bills.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, a cushy salary would be great, and it would take a ton of the pressure off the fact that my fiance and I are out of work right now (he’s a teacher, and it’s a common story in our state this summer).  But if he can get something, then all I need is a little something to build my resume.

I purposely did not work anywhere near full-time while I was in school because I was raising my daughter.  This was a disadvantage when I got to grad school, where fully half of my classmates were already working in libraries.  I knew that going in, and I made a choice.  Working and going to school full-time wouldn’t have left me with any time for her.  I had a hundred people look at me like I was lazy for ONLY raising a child and going to school full-time over the past four years, but I don’t regret it.  I’m sorry I don’t have the kind of experience that some of my classmates did, but I wouldn’t give up time with my daughter for anything.  Sometimes, there’s no room on a job application for the work I did setting up my daughter’s school library, because it wasn’t a paid job, and I think, “That’s ridiculous.”  But that’s sort of how it is for moms.  A lot of what you do doesn’t seem to matter in the workplace, at least not on those pieces of paper.

Anyway, wish me luck with this job.  I wish the posting were a little more detailed–hours, salary–but it isn’t.  But it’s in town.  I’d like to connect to a town again, like I did when I lived in the woods.  But I’d like to do it through a library, not just my daughter’s teachers and PTO/A.

I want to be a librarian.

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