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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 12: Happy Birthday, Sarah!

August 2, 2010

I’ve stopped taking my allergy meds in an attempt to find out whether it’s really allergies that have been causing me to feel awful as of late.  I’m guessing a very strong MAYBE because without them I already feel terrible.  So I’m going to get this recap done now, rather than, say, tomorrow, because OMG, I can’t imagine how much worse I’ll feel tomorrow.

First thing’s first: a very happy birthday to Sarah, who started out more of a fan but is now a dear friend and also a recapper.

And now, on to the book:

FOR FUCK’S SAKE.  Here’s a synopsis of everything that happens in the first half of the chapter: ~*Elena*~ feels guilt now that she’s remembered that she fed off of Matt, so she goes to see him to tell him she’s alive and he’s not crazy and omg, isn’t it great that she’s doing something all on her own without actually needing anything?  AND THEN SHE DRINKS HIS BLOOD.

God DAMMIT, ~*Elena*~.  There is not one good thing about you.  Not one.

To start from the beginning, ~*Elena*~ has a “sick sense of dismay” when she thinks about when she was incoherent and ridiculously in love with Damon.  Turns out hey, she drank from Matt, and OF COURSE she did.  “But did it have to be Matt?” she asks, then answers herself: “Oh, don’t answer that; I can’t think of anybody else, either.”


1) Bonnie

2) Meredith

3) Judith

4) Dying people in hospitals

5) Fangbangers (there have to be some even then, yes?)


Stefan fills her in on how Matt’s been in denial, and Damon makes a comment that gets ~*Elena*~ snapping at him enough to leave.  She also brings up Vickie and Damon’s like “Who?” and she’s all RAR RAR RAR and he leaves in a semi-elegant huff.  With wings.

Although, I have to say this exchange made me laugh:

~*Elena*~: “I didn’t mean to make him angry.  After he was really almost civilized all evening.”

Stefan: “Never mind.  He likes to be angry.”

Stefan tells ~*Elena*~ to go see Matt, by herself, and so she does.  We have Matt’s family’s poverty thrown in our face once again, as a sleepy Matt invites ~*Elena*~ in from a state of semi-consciousness.  Way to cheat the system.

When Matt realizes it’s not a dream, he says the heartbreaking, “Dead people don’t come back.  My dad didn’t come back.”  Aww, Matt.  You’re the best person in this book.  I hope you and whichever lead female there is get together and never leave Fell’s Church, since you weren’t going to anyway.  But I wish you a happy life.  (Maybe not with Margaret.  Oh God, is he with Margaret?  Or are they all sixteen in the new books?)

Matt, awake and finally starting to accept that ~*Elena*~’s alive (or undead), asks her flatly what she wants.  THIS IS A GOOD QUESTION, and she even argues that it’s a fair one.  Because it is.  She’s a user, even when she doesn’t meant to be.  She apologizes for all the using.

Matt hasn’t forgotten she’s engaged to Stefan, his bromantic partner, and ~*Elena*~ straightens him out about Stefan’s self-loathing, which he rightly calls “crap.”  TEAM MATT.  (Remember when “Team” meant more about who the main character was supposed to get together?  I don’t want anyone with ~*Elena*~; she doesn’t deserve anyway, but she especially doesn’t deserve DoorMatt, who should and probably does know better.)

~*Elena*~ realizes she’s hungry, so she goes to excuse herself to eat, but not before she gets him up to date on the Other Power and the possible assault on the dance.  Matt realizes she needs blood, and offers his.

Look, I get why he does it.  He’s a sucker, and he’ll always do the right thing.  But it’s ridiculous for her to take it.  She doesn’t NEED it, except for power, which wouldn’t even be a big deal if she’d GET OUT OF TOWN and get the Other Power away from her friends and all. (I mean, she couldn’t even PRETEND to leave town to see if the Other Power is following her/Stefan/Damon?)  She can go eat venison like an alive person.

But noooo.

So much for her changing.  I guess it doesn’t count as using if he offers.  Every time.


Dear Diary,

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

~*Elena*~ rambles on about how tonight is all kinds of mystically ready for a meltdown, and how the dance didn’t get canceled, but there will be guns, either on police or angry fathers.  She also writes about how she wants her old diary but couldn’t possibly get it (she couldn’t send Bonnie or Meredith?) and how nice it is to have three people she trusts and love, rather than just a ton of hangers-on.  SEE HOW MUCH SHE’S CHANGED?


They all head to the dance, the vampires hiding in the history room.  ~*Elena*~ points out Vickie to Damon; he still has no clue who she is.  They sit around and get info on the dance–Caroline was Snow Queen–but nothing happens.  So basically Alaric wants Bonnie to do her medium-thing.  She, of course, has sworn about seven times now to never do it again but…guess what?  They use a candle to set her focus, and sit around in a circle, and ~*Elena*~ thinks about how great it is that they’re all together and whatnot.  Bonnie’s trance sets in and ~*Elena*~ and Alaric ask “her” questions at the same time: Where can they find the other power, and who is the entity that takes Bonnie over during the trance?  Her/its response is, “Come and see.”

Splitting up, with Matt and Meredith going in Matt’s junker and everyone else piling into Alaric’s car, they follow where Bonnie points until they’ve arrived at the cemetery: at the tomb of the Fells.  ~*Elena*~ tells everyone that the tomb is capable of being opened, and thus the chapter ends ominously.

Well, there you have it: Chapter 12.  Three more chapters to go until the end of the book!  WOOHOO!

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  1. August 3, 2010 12:35 am

    Matt’s co-dependence is really sad, though.

    The new books take place ONE week after graduation, but the internet and cell phones pop up.

    I’m having to rewrite my recap because I pulled it up from March 22(!) and it said:
    “Nina is understandably pissed after her inter- Zoey! STFU, and dump Jake, OKAY!?”

    I’m thinking you want something of more substance?

    • August 3, 2010 10:28 am

      Maybe a little more substance than one line. 😛

      Did you have a nice birthday? I should’ve mentioned in the post that you’re every girl’s dream, in that you married your Damon. 😛

      Oh, internet. You just have to come into every series, don’t you?

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