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I WANT to be Bloggy McBlogerton

August 11, 2010

but when I don’t conk out right after family time, I want to read or write fiction.  That means I’d do best writing recaps in the morning, except I seem to be getting Claritin hangovers–when I’m not off my meds for allergy testing, as I am right now.  Either way, mornings are fuzzy.

But I did want to say, on the job front, I have two interviews this week!  Hopefully the allergy testing won’t be so bad, because I need to be ready the next morning for Winning Them Over!  I’m so excited–I haven’t hit “nervous” yet but I’m sure I will.

I want a job!  It doesn’t even really matter what job, so long as it’s in my field.  I’m looking at a job in a public library, which is great but far away, and another one locally that’s not quite my area of expertise–school librarianship–but enough of an entry-level position that I feel I could get to know school librarianship better, see if it’s a place I really want to be.  If so, I’d need a teaching degree, which means more schooling, so that’s a big decision for me.  I already owe a lot in loans for grad school.

Anyway, I need to get a move on, because we’re dropping my daughter off with a friend and her grandchildren before my test so she can do something besides read for once, and breakfast is calling to me.  “Alanaaaaaa…Alanaaaaa…”

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