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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 13

August 14, 2010

So, as I said before, I had two job interviews this week.  In one of them, I was asked to describe a challenge that I felt I didn’t meet.  I talked about these recaps.

I realize now that I don’t just put the recapping off, but I actually have hit a level of procrastination that I once reserved for writing papers in college.  From the moment that I brought this posting application up till right now, I have: done the dishes, gone outside to check the mail, brushed my teeth, and played several games of Bejeweled.  All because of the pressure I put on myself to do these recaps.

It’s not even “I don’t enjoy recaps so it’s like a horrible chore.”  I DO enjoy recaps when I’m in the process of writing them, and I almost always say “Well, that was fun.  I should do that again tomorrow.”  And I LOVED writing papers.

I told the interviewers that I felt like I hadn’t set clear goals for myself and followed through with them.  And a huge reason for that is because the recaps aren’t a priority.  I told myself “Write one a week” but without a stricter “when,” I could put it off.  My Week in Books, for instance, are written “over the weekend.”  It’s a flexible goal but because there’s such a small window I tend to err on the side of “Oh hey, busy weekend coming up.  I’ll get this done Friday.”  On Fridays, I would think, “I should post a recap,” and then guess what I’d do?  I’d tell myself, “I don’t want to post twice in one day–I’ll just get that Week in Books done today and maybe I’ll get to the recap tomorrow.”


So here we go, a new goal.  One I WILL achieve.  One that will go down on my calendar, like my Week in Books did before I got into the habit of them.  One post a week, to be completed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Flexible enough I can fit it in without pushing it aside.

And I want to type “I hope,” but I know that the second I do, I’ve stopped believing I can meet this goal.  So I’m not going to say that.  I’m just going to get the recap I should’ve done yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that…


When last we left Our Heroine, the tomb of the town founders had opened before, and everyone’s ready to debate whether they should open it again.

Alaric hilariously forgets that there are three vampires around, and wants everyone to get into position to try to lift the lid.  ~*Elena*~ is apprehensive so it’s Damon and Stefan who reveal that under the lid of the tomb…is darkness and a ladder.

There’s even more debate whether anyone should go down the ladder–come on, guys, we need to move this plot somehow; it’s not moving itself–and while some are afraid (Matt) and others are collecting flashlights and rope (Meredith), the still-possessed Bonnie just goes right in.  Or down.  Or in and down.

Meredith suddenly worries that Bonnie’s “entity” is the bad thing, and ~*Elena*~ tells her she’s already thought of that.  But that’s ALL she says.  So…wait, what?  You’ve given it some thought.  Now’s the time to share your conclusion with your mortal friends.  But no such sense, basically.  She doesn’t say anything like, “Since there’s that possibility, you humans stay here,” or “I’ve dismissed that possibility for the following sound reasons.”  Nope.  She just…jumps down.

Downstairs is a tomb-y room like you’d expect (or maybe I expect it because I’ve read the book a dozen times in my life? or because I’ve played the Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game?) and Damon becomes the only one who hasn’t descended.  ~*Elena*~ pointedly asks him “Are you with us?”  OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.  BECAUSE IT’S OBVIOUS.  Damon says nothing but jumps down.  It’d be interesting to get some idea of what he’s thinking at this point, but then he wouldn’t be the mysterious one.

In this tomb is a metal gate, and Bonnie politely waits for everyone to catch up and then goes to and opens the gate.

Note for those interested in the vampire stereotypes–or writing fan fiction: ~*Elena*~’s heart still beats.  It’s pounding from anticipation and/or fear.

Bonnie reveals to them a tomb-within-a-tomb, with the same statues as above.  This tomb, however, has been desecrated.  Broken lid and broken bones.

Bonnie, having done her mystical chore, pitches forward dramatically, as you do.  ~*Elena*~ catches her, as you do.

So what happens then?  Smith proves she’s seen The Abyss and, like, has Bonnie’s entity be a blob of misty light…stuff.

What a shocker.

~*Elena*~ thinks it’s the Other Power, and she’s wrong.  She also wonders for a second if it’s her mother, and she’s wrong about THAT too.  What is it?  It’s the ghost of Honoria Fell, who turns out to have been a “witch” (psychic) in life, not unlike Bonnie.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no one connects Honoria Fell’s ghostiness to her psychicness, and that Bonnie didn’t suddenly realize she might be tied to the material plane after death because of her “curse.”


Instead, they get a bunch of vague and not-so-vague information about the Other Power, which has been a white owl, the white kitten, and blah blah blah.  Look, Honoria, you know this thing was an owl, so you DEFINITELY know it was a person.  You couldn’t say, “AND IT LOOKED JUST LIKE YOU”?  No, of course not.  Then you can’t have a Great Reveal.  Instead, we get bits and pieces leading up.  And I understand this from a storytelling point of view, but I DON’T understand it from a logical point of view.

I seem to say (or suggest) that a lot about this book.

Mrs. Fell also says “It hated [Stefan] before it hated Elena.”  Huh.  LET’S PUT SOME PUZZLE PIECES TOGETHER, PEOPLE.  Actually, that’s unfair.  Stefan truly believed Katherine was dead.  But then again, Mrs. Fell proves that death means nothing.  So who’s petty enough to go after Stefan and be mad cuz he has a girlfriend?  Since Stefan didn’t seem to exist between the time that he turned and the time he came to Fell’s Church, that only leaves one person.

Mrs. Fell also says the people at the dance will be attacked.  Good thing you guys left when you did, or else you would’ve been there for the attack and all.  (AGAIN, SHE KNOWS *THIS* BUT CAN’T SAY IT’S KATHERINE???)  Oh, and she tells Bonnie she can take away her “curse.”


Again with the logic.  HOW can she do that?  No explanation.  It is what it is.  Ghosts can stop you from being psychic.  Being psychic is a choice.  Oh okay.

Bonnie looks to ~*Elena*~ to make that choice, since she’s never been allowed to decide anything on her own before.  ~*Elena*~ shrugs, basically, so Bonnie, like any sensible teenager, decides to stay special.

Then done with her cameo role, Mrs. Fell says goodbye to everyone and apparently moves on to a better place.  God, if I had to stick around for like a hundred years waiting for a bunch of self-involved teenagers to come around and go up against some self-involved former teenager, I’d find a way to be the first ghost suicide.

Anyway, the living are worried about the people at the dance, but the vampires are feeling the pressure of something coming–something OTHER POWER-y.  Well, Stefan and ~*Elena*~ are.  Damon’s been missing for a while and no one can figure out what the what is.  Alaric reveals a tunnel by waving his flashlighted hands around.  There’s something growly in there.  Something big.

~*Elena*~ thinks it’s Damon, I guess, that he’s going to reveal himself as the big bag, but the growly thing is a white tiger and Damon is a black wolf that tries to fight it off.  Stefan tries to help his brother, which buys the living time to run for their lives and get to the dance.  ~*Elena*~ just STANDS THERE AND THINKS ABOUT HOW SHE’D BE THE HAPPIEST GIRL ON EARTH IF SHE COULD JUST DIE WITH HER SEXLESS MAN.


Because she’s just a girl, I guess, the Other Power doesn’t even, like, fight her like everyone else.  It just overpowers her with its mind.

Stefan and Damon are out.  ~*Elena*~ basically faints.

She’s the worst vampire ever.


Next up: The dim ones catch up and realize the bad guy is Katherine.

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