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The Vampire Diaries: The Fury, Part 14: An eensy weensy bit insane

August 20, 2010

Heh, I forgot to give the last one a subtitle.  I usually do that last in case something comes up in the course of the recap that I think, “Ooh, that.”  Also, this one’s running a bit late for writing but not for posting–I figured I’d get it done this morning, and then I got distracted.  I thought maybe I’d do it this evening while my fiance and his friend fixed some stuff around the house, but then, uh, I fell asleep for two and a half hours.  (I SO needed that.)  Now it’s late and if I want to get this in on time, I’ve gotta do it now, despite being drowsy.  Okay then: let’s get to it.

When last we left Our Heroine, she was attacked by a white tiger.  No really.

I know what joke’s expected here and I won’t do it because it’s tacky.  God bless, Roy Horn.

A fuzzy-headed ~*Elena*~ comes to consciousness and makes all the connections in her head to realize who/what the Other Power is.  Let me tell you, I could snark the obviousness of this till the cows come home, but my 12-year-old self was SHOCKED, utterly SHOCKED to find out it was Katherine.  I mean, she was dead…wasn’t she?

Nope!  ~*Elena*~ sees the twin-her and says hello.  Katherine applauds ~*Elena*~’s ability to guess that the person who looks just like her who has been stalking her and Stefan is…the only person it could be, really.  Katherine is wearing a white dress and a lapis lazuli necklace to match her eyes.  Her hair is less blonde than ~*Elena*~’s.  No wonder she went crazy.

~*Elena*~ feels poorly, like someone who’s been knocked out.  But Stefan’s doing worse.  ~*Elena*~ is understandably upset–the boy who does EVERYTHING for her, except make sweet, sweet love to her!–and asks why Katherine has done this.  Katherine answers insanely, “Because I love him.”

We always hurt the ones we love, baby.

So yeah, just assume “insanely” with everything Katherine does and says.  She’s a mutant woman-child, a spoiled brat who was indulged for acting younger than her years.  And as we all know, it’s not that it’s fashionable to go crazy, but that it’s a result of being spoiled.  Smith gives us another reason as the story goes on–but I get ahead of myself.

Damon is even more trashed than Stefan.  You can only tell he’s alive–undead–by the breathing.  I like it when vampires breathe, and their hearts beat.  Sure, it’s a bit more HUMAN, but if you’re going to have vampires who act like humans anyway, a lack of breathing would eventually be a dead give-away, pardon the pun.  If you have a reanimated body, there’s no reason it shouldn’t breathe, if from habit if nothing else.  I mean, they can bleed, so it’s not like the blood just pools into their stomachs and they’re done.

Katherine does her woman-child thing, and ~*Elena*~ realizes she has super-long hair.  I’m not really sure why this matters, except that it fits into the madwoman motif?  Katherine then bites Damon and ~*Elena*~ equates Katherine’s personality to her own after she changed.  I don’t think I really picked up on this before.  So what Smith is saying is that Katherine’s change went wrong, and, unlike ~*Elena*~, Katherine stayed in that state of madness?  This sort of bugs me.  Katherine spends her whole life being entirely tied down in all the ways young women were in the 1500s or whenever, and then she gets this powerful reprieve from her boring life…and her humanity is destroyed by it?  But then Stefan, who’s a big whiner, gets to be okay, and Damon, who’s supposed to be a big hottie, is okay, and ~*Elena*~ is okay because she’s ~*so damned special*~, but Katherine wasn’t?  UNFAIR.  But I know in the next book, we have another crazy vampire–or do we?  My memories of the last book are pretty vague–so I guess we’re just talking about three people who were lucky changing over.  Or not.  I have no clue anymore.  Let’s move on.

Bonnie’s superpowers appear to be working fine without a trance–or maybe she’s just using common sense, which wouldn’t be in character so yeah, powers.  She tells everyone to split up; the wild animals will be after the people at the dance and ~*Elena*~’s family.  Oddly, she sends Meredith, who’s the more commanding and responsible of the two, over to Judith’s house.  I guess it works either way and it never hurts to have someone powered in a crowd situation, even if her powers have been fairly passive and informational so far.

Isn’t it like 1am?  But there are still people milling at the dance.  None of my school dances went past eleven–then it was time for a diner run!  But there are enough people there to make it matter that all the rabid animals are coming, I guess.  Then it’s a frenzy of dogs and panic.  Hey, more action than like three of the Twilight books!  They use fire, as told, to keep the animals at bay.  Bonnie gets Caroline to head crowd control, which reminds me of Cordelia from Buffy crossed with this:

Thank you, Green Lantern!

Stefan wakes up from blissful unconsciousness only to find that it was the ex after all.  Wow, that must suck.  Now he has to deal with the fact that he’s basically been trying to make time with his ex’s great-great-great-great-grandniece or something.  Katherine figures it’s not a party unless everyone’s conscious, so she uses some Power to revive Damon, who’s slightly less shocked than Stefan, or at least deals with it better.  I mean, he even makes a classy joke!  “The lady and the tiger, as it were.”  Oh, Damon, you’re urbane even when you’re on the brink of death.

Katherine monologues her successes: the white kitten scratching Damon, Stefan in the well, and Smith says she stops playing woman-child and moves to woman in her anger at ~*Elena*~, but I don’t buy it, because even her next line is childish (“Greedy girls get punished […] and you’re a greedy girl.”  What a hypocrite, anyway.

Stefan gets Katherine away from punishing ~*Elena*~ by feeding her villainous little ego some more.  She decides to play a guessing game, one that confirms what we already know: she was Vickie’s attacker.  She was punishing Vickie for getting it on in a church.  As you do.  The text says that Katherine speaks “like somebody telling a story to a young child,” but it’s just as much like a young child telling a story.  Are any children NOT young?  But she confirms that she was using Vickie as a puppet the day in the caf’ when Vickie began to strip.

Damon rightly asks why Katherine refers to the church as her own, when there’s Honoria Fell.  Katherine dismisses the ghost and ~*Elena*~ hopes for spectral salvation but then remembers that Mrs. F went to her reward.  Katherine then admits to killing Bonnie’s dog after ~*Elena*~ makes a random guess.  She also admits to having the power to go into people’s dreams, including Judith’s.  No wonder Auntie J has been such a wreck.

Katherine calls ~*Elena*~ a tramp.  More hypocrisy.  Although she does have a point that you just don’t pass the old engagement ring to the new fiancee.

Katherine then goes on to explain how she set up her own death scene.  It’s nothing we didn’t know, just from Katherine’s perspective–and of course a few details like putting fat in the ashes to get the right smell.  Ew.  She berates them for not following her genius plan–I swear, I think ridiculous plans must be in the bloodline or something, because her talent is right up there with ~*Elena*~’s.  Stefan weeps his way through an apology over his attack of his brother, and Damon takes it seriously.  Stefan then offers himself in exchange for Damon and ~*Elena*~’s freedom.

Katherine isn’t having it.  She explains how she gained all her Power–thanks to the leadership of Klaus, the vampire who turned her, the evil dude.  She drank from humans and vampires to gain the Powers.  She killed her mentor, even.  THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW SHE’S EVIL.  But actually, she does have a better plan than ~*Elena*~ ever came up with: her idea was to bring Stefan to Fell’s Church to see ~*Elena*~ so that he’d feel the guilt of what he did.  I mean, it’s no Battle of Hastings, and she probably should’ve checked first to see if he was ALREADY guilty, but it’s still the best plan in the series so far.  But she underestimated Stefan’s ability to torture himself: instead of coming to terms with his guilt and all, he instead falls in love with a copy of his lost love and proceeds to torture himself some more.

Katherine declares that her love has turned entirely to hate, and that her jealousy made her realize he was The One.  You know, I’m thinking that if Damon had met someone, she’d say HE was The One.  Just sayin’.  But since it’s Stefan, she decides to play on the old rivalry and offers him his life, so long as he says he loves her best.

~*Elena*~ is quite worried that Damon likes his unlife more than he likes anything else.  But will he choose to align himself with Katherine?  FIND OUT NEXT TIME, READERS.  EXCEPT THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.

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