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Zoey Fools Around, Part 7

September 2, 2010

This is a guest post by Sarah, continuing her love/hate relationship with the Making Out series.  This is also “my” recap for the week–I promised to post one, and I did.  It’s just not Vampire Diaries.  This is to give me a brief vacation between the third and fourth TVD books.

This is also the last guest post by Sarah–at least, on this series.  Follow her continuing adventures with Zoey, Nina, Jake, and the rest over at her new blog:

Nina is understandably pissed after her interlude with Benjamin the Oblivious. Poor Nina is reduced to putting romantic inquiries to a poster of Axl Rose. Sadly, the poster does not answer back. (I am now imagining an advice column written by Rose, and it is awesome!) So, Nina yells and rants at the injustice of the first guy she wouldn’t mind “steaming some glass” being into her hot, bitchy, big-boobed sister . This makes perfect sense. I mean, why not call him up and just talk when you can chat to a poster of a debauched rock star?

Claire yells at Nina that she has a phone call and listens in on the other line. Zoey and Nina talk about Lucas and the super romantic drive and how Jake and Claire noticed Zoey and Lucas weren’t on the ferry. They also talk about Wade’s death and Benjamin’s seating arrangement comments. For some reason, Zoey freaks out about Burke knowing Benjamin’s theory and makes Nina promise to never tell that Zoey and Lucas went on an OMG! Super Secret Rendezvous. Nina promises, but it’s kinda pointless because Claire KNOWS! Dun!

Hey! It’s chapter seventeen!

Claire backs away from the phone and is all distressed because she’s not entirely sure what’s going on. This is the kind of crap that happens when you intentionally listen in on people! You find out about cheating, or someone plotting to kill you, or possibly that someone is cheating on you and wants to kill you! It almost never ends well.

Claire goes to confront Benjamin about his theories. She starts talking about how she never fully regained her memory from the accident and that since Lucas confessed, he must be guilty. She’s getting more and more frantic and he’s getting more pleased and I really don’t like him in this scene. It doesn’t sit with me well at all and I can’t even rationally explain why. Just…ugh!

I think a big part of it is that Benjamin actually thought Claire cold-bloodedly set Lucas up and how low does somebody have to be in one’s esteem to inspire that kind of feeling? Another part of it is that he’s enjoying her discomfort. It’s like he’s paying her back for her interest in Jake or something and the so-called love he has for her is just an illusion. I don’t think a person in love would enjoy emotionally manipulating the person they’re supposed to love.

Anyway, Claire freaks out and tells Benjamin that he’s scaring her and then starts having flashbacks to the accident and remembers that she was driving and Lucas was in the back seat. DUN!

Hand-written missive:

Benjamin remembers thinking the whole accident seemed fishy, but figured he was wrong when Lucas ‘fessed up. He hopes that he’s right about Claire not remembering, so he can keep on loving her. Which would be very sweet of him if he didn’t practically just accuse her of purposefully lying about the accident.

Aisha and Nina are talking about Zoey and Lucas. Aisha thinks the whole shebang is a VERY BAD IDEA and the proves herself to be a Shupe-lurving hypocrite by going to lurk in the alley behind Passmores’. Naturally, The Shupe spies her with his little eye and tries to fake humility that she must be starving because why, oh why would she want to see him? Oh, I loathe him. Then, he tells her to tell him to get out of her life….and she doesn’t. Oh, Aisha=(

Claire goes to Wade’s Death Tree and realizes she’s crying. You know, I’m really surprised that Jake hasn’t chopped down the tree in a rage. Seems totally in character.

Claire comes home and sees Burke doing Banker Stuff. Claire fidgets and tries to put off asking the inevitable, which is “How did you get him to do it?”

Burke tries to deny it, but Claire is determined. She knows that the last two years have been a lie and is sick of excuses. Burke tries to pass it off on Wade, but Claire continues pressing on. Burke explains that Officer Talbot didn’t have a whole lot to do, so he became obsessed with punishing someone for the crime. Burke figured that since Lucas was a Big Ole Troublemaker, he would help him get that pesky jail thing out of the way while he was still a minor. Isn’t that just so thoughtful you could scream?

Burke says that he figured out Claire was driving when he got to the scene of the accident and he was worried that someone else would figure it out. He and Lucas never acknowledged that Lucas was taking the fall for Claire, but he did give money to Roy to keep his business from going under. THEN he tells Claire that he basically committed perjury and that if Claire tells the truth, he’d probably go to jail. Oh, Burke. Putting the responsibility for your family on the shoulders of your 17 year old daughter is so responsible!

Zoey is in her bedroom thinking about how dreamy Lucas is, and yes, she is still working on her godforsaken list.

Ahhh, the intensity of romance when you’ve spent an entire afternoon hiding from your friends and boyfriend. Zoey can’t take it anymore, so she decides to see Lucas and thinks it’s an awesome idea to go to the Cabral Domicile and lurk outside his window, hoping his father doesn’t catch her. Zoey is startled by Lucas having the audacity to lurk about his own house and they start smooching and Lucas tells her that he and Roy had a fight and that Roy is sending him to Texas.

Zoey is frantic because–well, honestly I’m not sure why she’s freaking out. It’s not as if Lucas is leaving the very next day. She’s 17 and can legally drive, there are Greyhound buses, or she could use her tips and take a plane. At most, they would have to wait a year before they were both legal. Ahhh, the romance of extreme panic!

Zoey and Lucas stand there crying and holding each other (and presumably hoping that Roy Cabral isn’t an insomniac with access to a shotgun).

Thus concludes Zoey Fools Around.  Once again, more recaps of the Making Out series can be found at Sarah’s blog here.

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  1. September 2, 2010 7:40 pm

    Awww, thanks! I can’t get over how fast WP posts!

    • September 3, 2010 9:55 am

      Oh ha, because you’re logging in through your new WordPress account, I had to approve you.

      What do you mean “fast”? Like, you hit the button and it publishes? What was it doing over at Blogspot??

      • September 3, 2010 12:49 pm

        It seemed to take awhile longer, yes.

        LOL, I didn’t even think about that!

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