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No, internet. Stay. Good internet.

September 8, 2010

I am totally using the internet to put off reading a crappy book.  This works against me in that I have lots of Dresden stuff to read after I finish this crappy book.  I am also annoyed at the crappy book because it smells funny and is falling apart.  That’s not how books are supposed to be.  The thing that doesn’t work well here is that the person you strike with a black mark when you say your book had a problem?  They’ve already mailed you your book, so they have your address.  This is why I usually don’t care if the binding’s weak or whatever.  But I specifically have my account set to “books from non-smoking homes only” and this book reeks.  I have to read it held away from me.  On top of that, it was all taped up.  That’s not weak binding; that’s someone who should know better.  The taped part fell out of the rest of the binding when I opened it.

Look, we all want credits so we can get new books.  But COME ON.  That’s a bit much.

Am I wrong?

Edit: By the time I logged back in, the sender had already resolved the problem.  That was awesome and I made sure that I marked the problem resolved so the system would know.  So that should all be okay.  I still have to get through this crappy book though, because it’s one of the Harlequins for my project.

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