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WiB 2010: Fall Edition, Week 3

September 26, 2010

I’m EXHAUSTED.  We’re all dropping here.  But I promised a WiB, and you’ll get one!

Good thing it’s really really short.

First I read Diamond in the Rough by Suzanne Simmons.  It’s your typical pseudo-historical romance, and I enjoyed it enough to choose another of her books, Bed of Roses, as the next book I read.  I was pretty disappointed.  At times, it seemed as if entire paragraphs were lifted from one and put into the other.  The heroes and heroines aren’t completely interchangeable, nor is the plot, but their roles are.  Also, apparently masturbation is a sign that you’re a bad guy in the books.  I guess the author either has some very strange ideas or the publishing company does and told her that if she wanted to write a masturbation scene, it had to be, like, negative.

Oh okay.

Sex-positive, that’s what romance um…sometimes…rarely…is.

Then I finished up Mean Streets, another compilation with a Dresden Files story in it.  The Butcher story was good (I liked the ending); Kat Richardson’s Greywalker story was pretty good (it definitely had Assumptions of Having-Read-Before to it, and would’ve only needed minor tweaks to help a reader out); Thomas E. Sniegoski’s Remy Chandler story was interesting, but not really enough to make me want to seek out any other stories; and then the Simon R. Green story had some interesting ideas going on–and some serious creepiness at times–but was rather cheesy too, like a cross between something creepy I can’t name right now cuz I’m so tired and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Finally, I read Jane Feather’s Virtue, another historical romance (and a bit more authentic on the historical part, I think, but I’m not familiar enough with the eras of all three books, as I’ve read too much historical romance), which I wasn’t sure about at first because it takes a rather interesting level of distance from the female lead, and then I found myself getting more and more into the book as it went on.  I then went over to grab the other books of hers I had on the to-read shelf, but it turned out to be a later book in a series.  Rats.  Oh well, something to look up at the library!

That was it.  Yup.  I’ve been trying to get through my first Tami Hoag for the past several days, but it’s slow going. I  don’t know if it’s the book or it’s me.  I’ll decide by the time I get to the end.


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