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So. Busy. (AND KINDLE)

October 1, 2010

Didn’t get to the recapping last night because of all the stuff we need to get done for the wedding.  Today’s pretty packed, too, but I should be able to find an hour or two tonight to get it done.  Let’s just say that entire the wedding is over, the recaps SHOULD come once a week, but not necessarily M-Th.  WiB will get done too.

There’s a book festival tomorrow in Collingswood, NJ.  I might go there.  I might also go to my bff’s after it and watch True Blood.  The fiance will be at his bachelor party gaming day.  Nerdddd.

Speaking of, my wedding is the day after my birthday so I am getting a combo birthday/wedding gift from my fiance–a Kindle!  Wooooo!  I’ve been wanting one for ages!  My daughter was supposed to get one for her birthday from my mom, but we decided against it because of her track record with other devices.  (Maybe next year for her.)  I’m SO excited, but I’m not getting it till the 11th because A CERTAIN SOMEONE says that if I get it before the wedding, I won’t make it to the altar.  That is so untrue.


Wheeeeee!  Week of the 11th, look for a review on it.  I only know, I believe, one or two people who have them, and I’ve never even seen one in person, so this should be SUPER-exciting for a book nerd like me.

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