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WiB 2010 Fall Edition: Week 7

October 24, 2010

I got back into my regularly scheduled reading this week.  What I did NOT do this week was post a recap every day like I was figuring I’d do, since my brand-new husband is away at his brother’s wedding this weekend.  Life got in the way.  I’m trying not to beat myself up over it–but I was seriously hoping to be halfway done the book by now and…no.  Not at all.  No.

Awesomely, I read TEN things this week.  TEN.  Go me.  Maybe I’ll hit 300 this year after all…oops, sorry, eleven.  Forgot a reread.

I finished Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, which I liked more after I finished it than I did while I was reading it.  Older stuff can be like that.  It’s a bit creepy, a bit tedious, and definitely debatable.  I can’t believe I never had to read it in undergrad.

So of course after finally having read the source material, I reread Jennifer Crusie’s Maybe This Time.  I enjoyed it a lot more the second time around, with no irony at all.  I wonder if there are any differences between my purchased copy and my uncorrected proof.  I remember reacting far more negatively toward what happens to one of the characters the first time–has the wording been changed, or am I reading it a different way?  I seem to enjoy Crusies the second-time around more now–I guess because I got in with a greater level of expectations.  For those unaware, MTT is Crusie’s take on Turn of the Screw, modernized (to a point; the book is set in the ’90s) and funny and sexy and fantastic.  Crusie’s characterization of the two children is spot-on–Crusie has been living with a friend and the friend’s two children for a while, and the “realness” of the characters, especially the little girl, Alice, hit me especially.  Maybe Crusie will start a new trend of realistic children in romance.  It would be a nice change.

Next, I read She-Hulk: Time Trials, a book that unfortunately suffers from containing a comic book character from a comic book universe, meaning that every once in a while, important events will happen in another title and you hope that everything’s covered by what you’re reading now, except that you feel like you’re missing something.  Fortunately, Shulkie can carry her own book no matter what’s going on, but it leaves the read disjointed nonetheless.

I unfortunately went out and bought the first two combined volumes of Hot Gimmick, because in an early sidebar it says that the series is a six-volume run.  This ended up being a big fat lie.  So here I was, thinking I’d bought the entirety of the thing, and that I liked it before, only to find that I have about half of it, AND I HATE IT SO MUCH.  It’s awful.  I remembered it being on the line of good and bad taste, but having reread it…all bad.  Bad bad bad.  And the next three volumes?  Still bad.  There is so much inappropriate touching in this book, so many boundaries crossed, that I feel like the title should be TRIGGER WARNING instead.  If someone could Photoshop that, it would be hilarious and appropriate.  I’d discuss it more, but that would make me feel dirty.

What a waste of money.  I won’t return books I’ve bought, so maybe someone who enjoys the series will buy the books off of me.  I used a birthday gift card, so I don’t mind selling them for less…

I cleansed my reading palate with the second Vampire Files book, Lifeblood.  It was a little lighter than the first one, but enjoyable.  This time, the, uh, stakes are upped by throwing some vampire hunters into the mix.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that, because to say more would be too spoiler-y for the first one, and I really think vampire fans will enjoy this series, so they should really seek out that first book–or the compilation, as I have.

Finally, I read the first two books of a manga series called Bunny Drop.  This is plot device #43–someone or someones take in a kid–but as the series goes on, it delves deeper into what it takes to be a single working parent, and what it’s like to be a child from a broken home.  This heartwarming series shows what family is, how love and responsibility are tied together, and how familial love can form, even between two strangers.  Adorable.  Hope I can find the next volume somewhere.

Okay, so that was this week.  Tune in next week, when I review some more Vampire Files (at least one more; not sure where my other gap is—4 or 5, I think), Dark & Stormy Knights, and um…IDK.  Maybe I’ll reread Just Listen, since I bought myself a copy.  But maybe not.  Hot Gimmick may have filled my rape quota for…ever.

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