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I guess this is my week 2

November 15, 2010

Since I started NaNoWriMo a week later (or rather, I restarted my story at the end of the first week), I guess I’ve hit the week two slump.  I find that I am pushing off writing more and more, and that by the time I get down to it, even when I start to think “I could write more,” it’s beyond bedtime.

Bad habit.

So today I’m going to write a bunch BEFORE my kid gets home from school, which is what I should’ve been doing in the first place.  The husband has a dentist appointment, so when he’s out of the house, I will be right here, with Write or Die.

I still believe I can do this.

Also, we saw Spamalot last night at a local theater and it…was…AWESOME.  I’m neither the biggest fan of musicals or Monty Python (it’s not that I don’t LIKE Monty Python; it’s that I didn’t get into them obsessively like so many of my hs–and other–friends), so that says something.  The performance was shadow interpreted, which is really great and added a whole other layer to the performance.  It was hilarious, some of the ways they integrated the interpreters.  They said they’re putting together a DVD of how they did it, which should not only be helpful but rather awesome in itself.  I don’t know if it will be widely available, but I’d like to see it one day.

But yes, Spamalot, go see it.  Definitely a PG-13 rating (we took my 13-year-old daughter), with a fair amount of cursing (no f-bombs that I remember) and sex jokes, but I only tried to cover her eyes once. 😀

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