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November 16, 2010

I seem to have set my copy of TVD somewhere…else.  Will find it for tomorrow.

Until then:

Day 05 – A book or series you hate

Again, not really going down the straight and narrow on this response, but I’m going to talk about Fearless, the Francine “Sweet Valley High” Pascal-created series that started out fantastic and delved into continuity and character failure for at least ten books before TRYING to pull out of a nosedive to end somewhat-decently.

The issue with Pascal has always been ghostwriters.  Ghostwriters, for the most part, suck.  From some of the stuff I’ve read online about ghostwriting (particularly with SVH), you don’t exactly have to read every book that comes before when you start your own.  But the thing is, SVH always had different writers.  Fearless, from what I can tell, had one, until about halfway through the series.

And that’s the problem.  The series is totally consistent, UP TO THAT PART.  And then…I mean, I’d capitalize something but it’s just such a whimpery fail.  And don’t get me wrong, there are issues with the series to begin with: no one talks to one another.  Everything is far too drawn out.  BUUUUUT, it’s got strong characterization, and fantastic twists.  Then suddenly, no one acts like they did before and it’s a bunch of crap.

Then there were only five books left in the series and the original writer–Pascal or whoever–came back in to clean up the mess.  Everything made as much sense as it could make, after the mess that had come before it.  The main character acted like herself again.  It was almost enough to make me stop hating it.

Then Fearless: FBI came out, and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?


If you don’t respect the readers, we won’t respect you.  If you’re going to get a ghostwriter, get a GOOD one, one who has a handle on the characters.  For all that the Andrew Whatshisface V.C. Andrews books went on too long, the first series after Andrews’s death ISN’T BAD, it’s just repetitive.  And, in fact, it was more the repetition than the writer that had me throwing my hands up in the air and ceasing to buy and read the books.  By the time Niederwhatsis was writing stuff that wasn’t a carbon copy of the other books, with new locales, I was gone gone gone.

I want to recap Fearless one day, but considering that these four books have taken me for-freakin’-ever and I want to do the Harlequins as well…IDK.  But maybe as a break between the Harlequins?  And also I don’t have the first one, I think.  Oops.  (I picked most of them up for free when a library discarded them, so I took what was there and that was it.)

Also, I’ve never recapped anything I’ve fully enjoyed before, so I’m afraid that if I start it up, when the ghostwriter hits I’ll have that same nausea that I get when I recap particularly terrible part of TVD.  And that goes on for like 10 books. D:


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