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Young Just-Us

November 18, 2010

I saw the long trailer for Young Justice, and there are no girls.  Even though the show’s been promoted with Miss Martian and Artemis (Arrowette, whatever), the trailer doesn’t even have a girl in the clips at the end.  I don’t have TV so I haven’t seen much on it, but there are two girls in the poster, and I want to see two girls in the trailer.  Yes, I’ve heard that Important Things Happen with Speedy, but but but…GIRLS.

So screw you, DC, for making it look like a boys’ club.  If my friend D’eon hadn’t shown me the poster and set me digging, I never would’ve known there was more going on than a bunch of boy sidekicks fighting evil without any girls.


I should come up with an ultimate DC sidekick team: female edition.  Hmm.  Need to give it some thought.  I’ve always loved Cassie and am sad that she’s not in Young Justice.  Then again, as I said, no TV, and a spoilerphobe, so I don’t even know how they’re playing it.  It’s not like they’re playing an early version, because…no Donna.  But they’re also saying there will be a lot of DC characters all over the place, so who knows who may pop up?

I wish the DCAU would go back to being the DCAU.  You could move on from Teen Titans to Young Justice without necessarily stepping on anyone’s toes.  You could switch up Robins, and play out the Big Romance, and and and…I’d like to see an older Raven and an older Cyborg—okay, technically I’m back to Teen Titans on that, but I don’t feel it would be wrong to put them under the YJ banner.  Plus, those first books were so good.

Now I want to reread THOSE.  But we’re finishing up Buffy season 7 tonight so I’m going to go through the season 8 comics next.  I feel like it’s kind of a cheat, because I have quite a few books to go to get to 300 for the year, and comics and manga are the easiest way to catch up, but I always wanted to go from season 7 right to season 8.  Unfortunately, I thought that would happen in the future, after the whole season was out in trade, but no.  I’m a trade behind, and there’s still one to go after that.  But then again, Christmas is coming up.  Maybe I’ll ask for Twilight (heh, BUFFY: Twilight) then.

I feel like my brain’s wandering today.  I stayed up a little too late in solidarity with my husband, who forgot to put the laundry in the dryer and wanted to stay up with it.  And then he woke me up because I have an appointment but didn’t write down the time on the family calendar, so he erred on the side of early.  I’m definitely unfocused, but it doesn’t really matter, because I’m done with my posts for the day, and I’m off to get ready for my appointment.

So nyah.

(Still haven’t missed a day of NaBlo, and my NaNo writing is over 20K.  Should be higher, but I’ll get there.  I will.)

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